Vidya, loved by generous fans

The fans of Vidya Balan are very devoted and full of admiration for the beautiful actress. One of the actress’ fans actually came to her and made her a lavishing gift. The man offered Vidya a diamond ring, while the actress was in Ahmedabad for the promotion of her new film, “No One Killed Jessica”.

Vidya was shocked to see the very expensive present offered to her by someone she did not know, and refused such a gift at first. However, diamonds are a hard thing to refuse, so the actress eventually accepted the gift, after her fan insisted she must take it.

The actress was touched by this gesture, and the thing she loved most (or so she says) was the poem the fans had written for her, which he read to her when he gave her the ring. A close friend of Vidya confirms the episode had indeed happened, emphasizing that Vidya was moved by the poem, not the ring.

The actress has received a couple of months ago a pair of diamond earrings by a fans, which he had send in a letter to her residence in Andheri.

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