Vidya overdid it

Vidya Balan is now working on a new film. Recently, while shooting a scene for this picture, the actress snapped and suffered a nervous breakdown. The scene happened in an outdoor location somewhere in Kolkata, where the actress could not take it anymore, stopped acting and burst into tears. She has been working very hard lately for her new film directed by Sujoy Ghosh, while working in parallel for another film. After an entire day of shooting in a crowd, in a hot atmosphere, sweating, it is understandable that Vidya is tired. She has stayed up working until late for over a month.

The staff were very shocked and did not know how to react to the loud, disturbing sobs of the actress. She was not in any way provoked. A couple of days after the incident, Vidya has the power to talk about it. She stated to the press that she got very scared of the incident, and it was all due to the exhausting program she worked under for the past three month, explaining all about it.

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