Vidya pregnant

The latest comment made by the actress came as a shock to the entire audience. However it is not what everybody is thinking. The Bollywood actress was a little teasing, as she later on added that she is indeed pregnant, but pregnant with expectations for the release of her most recent film ‘No One Killed Jessica’.

Vidya’s comment was indeed very smart, as it manages to grab the eyes of the entire audience. She is not only involved in the promotion of the production ‘No One Killed Jessica’, but also is very busy with the movie ‘Kahani’ directed by Sujoy Ghosh, in which she plays also. In a recent interview Vidya Balan stated that this collaboration with Ghosh was indeed a very good one and in addition she had lots of fun during the shooting of the film.

A plus to this experience was the place of the shooting, none other than Kolkata, which is Vidya’s favorite city. The story of the film is centered on a woman who comes to India from London to search for her lost husband.

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