Why Zayed scolded Dia on the sets of their new film

Mumbai: The Bollywood actress who made the decision of turning producer, none other than  the beautiful Dia Mirza really managed to get involved in her upcoming production called ‘Love, Breakups, Zindagi’. In fact from what we have been able to find out it seems that Dia was so got up in the project that her partner Zayed Khan had to scold her in order to calm her down.

In a recent interview, the popular Dia said that she actually swept floors and brought the things from her home. According to her statement, the actress believes that producing something does not limit to making schedules and dealing with number. In her opinion it is all about creating the imagery that she had in mind. Dia Mirza added that there is certain level of involvement that she thinks a film maker has to posses in order to give the movie that push it needs.

Zayed and Dia Mirza, alongside with Sahil Sangha have recently launched their own production house called Bornfree and for the time being are in the process of bringing to an end their very first film under their banner. The movie production in question was directed by Sangha and stars in the leading roles none other than Zayed and Dia.

“Zayed scolded me once on the sets. I was behaving as if guests have come to my house” said the 29 years old Bollywood actress. According to her it seems that she was to get up that she used to take care of every single detail, so Zayed intervened and asked her to calm down and take a seat when her scene is over and simply relax.

Considering the involvement of Dia Mirza in the upcoming movie production we really expected to be something special in the film industry of B-town.

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