Yana Gupta Goes Topless

Recently the famous ‘Babuji girl’ Yana Gupta are in headlines. What exactly happened to her ? After being spotted at an event pantyless, yes you guys are reading it right she appeared without panty, she has done it again by going topless for FHM magazine cover. Yana Gupta certainly knows how to attract eyeballs and she sure knows her ways to do it now. This has become a trend these days, heroine are doing bizarre things to come into spotlight, is this the only way to get recognized ? After sizzling in Laila O Laila, Yana has shed her clothes for FHM magazine. The sexy siren has gone topless for the cover and is seen only in a hot denim shorts.
“The sexy is only a tiny part of me….I am pretty much forced to look sexy,” says Yana. Incidentally, it was earlier reported that Yana was offered to go topless for an international magazine which she refused. Wonder what happened to that now ? Check out the hot photo of her, where she shed her clothe. Here is the HQ pic.

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