Yana Gupta receives panties from her fans

Mumbai: I’m sure than everyone can remember the incident in which Yana Gupta was spotted for not wearing any underwear at a charity event. The incident took place a few weeks ago and made the headlines of every mass media publication. She even got sued for not wearing them, as many believed she did not put panties on her on purpose, in order to get some attention from the press.

As a reaction to all of these, her fans started sending her lots and lots of panties, so that a similar episode will not happen in the future. In a recent interview the hot item girl stated that she has her wardrobe full of panties.

After the dance at the popular reality show ‘Jhalak Dikla Jaa’ Yana Gupta started to receive underwear as a gift for Christmas and New Year as well. When she received the gift she was not at all shock and managed to receive it with lots of grace. She did not forget to thank all of her fans on Twitter for the unexpected present.

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