Yana on Facebook

A new page has appeared on Facebook under the name of ‘Black lingerie for Yana Gupta’. The user goes under the name of the Purple Punk Prince and the main idea of his page is to send some lingerie to Bollywood star Yana Gupta so that can cover herself and maintain her chastity.

A few reporters have managed to track down the Purple Punk Prince and got him to answer some question via email. He stated that got the idea for the Facebook page after the pantyless incident in which Yana stared a few weeks ago. Even thought she is a smart, talented and sexy woman, she still managed to make an error in judgment when she decided not to wear any lingerie.

After that particular incident, the photos of Yana Gupta at the charity event in which she appears without underwear, the item girl became the most watched on the internet from the entire Bollywood. There is even an online fake porno film in which the actress Yana Gupta stars.

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