Zarine Khan and Sonakshi Sinha fight

Mumbai: As you may know, Salman Khan is probably the only thing in common for Sonakshi Sinha and Zarine Khan, as both of the actresses made their debut in the film industry of B-town alongside him. Apparently, the two actresses are rather possessive when it comes to the one that made their tinsel town dream possible.

If Zarine made her debut in the film ‘Veer’, Sonakshi really made it big with the smashing hit ‘Dabangg’. By now, it is a common known fact that when the two meet at different gatherings it is not well. In fact, when Sonakshi and Zarine were face to face at Sallu’s party, the two did not even said hello.

A source told us that the Dabanng star simply past Zarine without giving her a simple hello ar even a smile. Not to mention that later one, Sonakshi even push her, pretending that she had not seen the star from ‘Veer’. There is no doubt, that Sonakshi Sinha is not at all happy about Salman’s friendship with Zarine.

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