Zarine Khan did not dream to become an actress

Mumbai: If someone would have told to Zarine Khan a few years back that she would become an actress in Bollywood she would not have believed it. We can certainly understand this, as in 2005 Zarine used to weight over 100 kg. However she did manage to lose over 30 kg and she got the chance to star alongside actor Salman Khan in the film ‘Veer’. This took place in the year of 2010.

Unfortunately for her, the movie production was a total disaster at the box office. In a recent interview the actress confessed to us that she got a lot of sorrow for being fat, therefore she made up her mind and decided to lose the additional kg she had. She went to the gym and worked out intensely.

At the present she waits 57 kg but she still wants to be slimmer. Due to her remarkable face similarity with Katrina Kaif, Zarine got the attention of the mass media who immediately called her Fatrina, which is a fatter version of actress Katrina Kaif.

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