Agent Vinod Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Estimated earnings of Agent Vinod as of 30th March 2012 is INR 44.95 Crores

After a huge row of controversies and allegations, Agent Vinod finally sees the day. After the movie was banned in Pakistan, a series of statements from both ends flooded the internet and other media channels. After the Iranian band Barobax Corp filed charges against the song ‘Pungi’ in the Mumbai High Court there were even doubts as to whether the movie will be released on its stated release date. However, overcoming all the hassles the movie finally saw the light of the day. The controversies seem to have done the movie more publicity than anything else.

Having received mixed reviews by many critics it was pretty difficult to project the expected box office figures for this movie. Most of the reviews, as you perhaps already know went against the movie. However, in a country where the box office collections of a particular film are not determined by its critical analysis rather by the star cast it is expected that the movie will do a decent business in the markets. With stars like Saif Ali Khan and Bollywood’s uncrowned queen Kareena Kapoor makers are expecting more than just the  making costs of the Bollywood flick.

The movie was made on a budget of INR 60 crores and huge promotions seem to have done the movie a lot good. Agent Vinod opened on a huge number of screens all over the globe. The chemistry of the real life couple Saif and Kareena seem to have added life to the movie and fans just cant get enough.

Decent crowds were seen all over the country in multiplexes and single screen theaters early morning. Many theaters went house-full and were booked well in advance. It seems fans have booked a lot of tickets in advance for the weekend. The movie as we predict should make a total collection of 70-80 crores. It seems unlikely to join the 100 crore club but will surely do a decent business in global markets.


Despite the huge promotional campaign the movie seems to have done little good at the box office. Bad reviews seem to have marred the collections of the Saifeena starrer film. Though the film did a decent business in most parts of the country on Friday the weekend did a little good to the movie’s collections. Agent Vinod made about 9.60 crores on its opening day in India. Saturday saw almost negligible changes in the film’s box office collections as crowds seem to not like the movie a lot. The movie made a staggering 9.90 crores on Saturday.

Word of mouth seems to have done the worst damage to the film and collections did not rise over 09.05 crores on Sunday. It seems difficult for the movie to make a lot of money in the coming week. A collection of 5-6 crores for a few days is likely however. It might make the film recover its making costs in the least. Agent Vinod seems to have done poorly overseas too. Being banned in Pakistan added to its woes and it made a total collection of  3.50 crores at the overseas box office. The total box office collections of the film as of now stands at 32.05 crores. Seems the movie did way poorer than expected but that’s what you expect of a film full of plagiarism. Here’s a tabular database of Agent Vinod’s collections till date:

Domestic Collections
Friday 09.60 crores
Saturday 09.90 crores
Sunday 09.05 crores
Total Domestic Collections 28.55 crores
Total Overseas Collections 03.50 crores
Total Worldwide Collections 32.05 crores

Lets see how well the movie does in the coming weekend.

The movie did very poorly, way more than anticipated. Trust me when I say Saif couldn’t have imagined worse. After a modest 9.05 crores on Sunday, the movie opened to a pretty bad collection on Monday. The first day of the week saw a mere 3.40 crores net collection for the movie. Tuesday proved to be even worse with only 2.40 crores. Agent Vinod’s collections dropped further on Wednesday with only 2 crores. Trursday was the worst on the whole week with merely 1.70 crores. Seems the movie won’t last another week on the box office. The total domestic collection of Agent Vinod as of now is 38.15 crores. Add to it 6.80 crores of the overseas box office collection and you get a net total collection of 44.95 crores. It seems the movie will somehow recover its making cost. So Saif what really is your name “Mr. Flop Producer” is it?



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