Box Office: Aarakshan Gets Good Opening

There are hardly any movies that are having good box office reports but recently Aarakshan directed by  Prakash Jha has created a lot of controversy in the northern states of India and therefore you will find that the movie is very much in the limelight. The movie directed by Prakash Jha deals about the problems of reservation policy. The movie has been banned in various states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh but due to the word of mouth publicity and because of the promotion schemes done by Prakash Jha and megastar Amitabh Bacchan the movie has received good opening which is very much a good news for the cast and the crew of Aarakshan. 

The good news is that most movie halls are having 80% occupancy even for the afternoon and morning shows and more people are going in to watch the movie to see and understand the topic of reservation policy which has been highlighted in the movie. Although, not all people are convinced that the movie is about the reservation policy because a lot of emphasis has been given to education and the rise of coaching classes in the latter half of the movie.

Trade experts and many critics feel that although Aarakshan has done well at the moment, but it will not receive the kind of financial gain that it should have because of the ban in three major states. Experts believe that Uttar Pradesh is a big revenue generating state and therefore Aarakshan might have to face financial failure in some way or the other. On the other hand, the movie was not available for the audiences in these three states for Independence Day public holiday which means that the distributors will have to bear the loss of revenue. The only good thing about the movie is that audiences across India have appreciated the movie and that would later on get some response from the people of UP, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh.

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