Box Office Reports for Mausam and Speedy Singhs

In the previous week there was nothing really for the movie watchers and there was no big movies releasing. In the earlier week, the box office went weak with Rivaaz and Jaana Pehchana both doing a very dull business all over India. However, this week distributors and even people have great expectations as there are two big movies releasing at the same time. 

Both Mausam and Speedy Singhs are very much in the buzz and therefore people will go for it. Mausam is certainly the movie that people would like to watch as it was very much anticipated as the best Shahid Kapoor movie ever. So far, critics have praised the performances of both Shahid and Sonam but there is not much praise about the story line. Many viewers claim that the first half of the movie is really great while the second half just begins to bore you down. The collections of Mausam in last three days range from very good to poor. The movie is doing good business in the North India, but nothing much in cities like Mumbai.

Speedy Singhs on the other hand is a total flop movie and Akshay will have to rethink about future plans as producer. This movie is as similar as Patiala House which stars Akshay himself so why did he choose to produce something so similar that audiences have watched already. The weak story line of the movie only makes it worse for the actors to deliver the performances. The ice hockey thing is another factor that keeps the crowd outside because Indian crowd is not interested in any such games. It looks like that Speedy Singhs and Mausam both have only one week to make their business as there are more movies going to come up next week which might affect their business.

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