‘Bubble Gum’ succeeds to make bubbles at box office

Director Sanjivan Lal proves the worth of his efforts put in Bubble Gum, a fully entertaining Hindi movie released on 29 July. The story of this movie revolves around a teenager’s life. The only thing, which can be faulted as a factor behind empty chairs in the cinema halls, is lack of proper advertisement and promotion.

The film is in all essence a successful piece aimed to entertain the Hindi audience all over India and abroad. Story of Bubble Gum reminds us of many common and very day-to-day instances and thus, makes audience feel related and attached with the scenes played on the screen. Vedant [played by Sohail Lakhani] is a very jolly nature guy and loves living life with full fun. Vedant is madly in love wih a girl Jenny, played by Apurva Arora.

Vedant does everything to win Jenny’s heart, but every time he makes an effort to impress his love bird, the very common feature of Indian movies, which is considered the vamp or villain, appears in the scene. Ratan, who is jealous of Vedant, starts playing game with Vedant. Vidur (Delzad) visits Vedant for a few days. He is Vedant’s brother and a handicap.

But Vedant takes his brother as a burden and disturbance in his life as Vidur is deaf and mute. The movie explicitly exhibits sibling rivalry with all its flavors– jealousy, competition and care too. Mentality and emotional vulnerability of teenagers is also beautifully depicted in the movie.

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