Chaar Din Ki Chandni Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Chaar Din Ki Chandni as of 16th March 2012 is INR 6.11 crores

‘Chaar Din Ki Chandni’ released on 8th March on the occasion oh Holi, but it failed to come out with flying colors at the box office. The film has garnered poor opening and is growing poorer with every passing show.

In Delhi, the film is doing better at the single screen theatres, but not multiplexes, partly because of the other release this week, ‘Kahaani’.

In Punjab, however, there was a different scene. There was an occupancy of around 20-30% and it is expected that the attractive star cast will help to improve collections.

In Calcutta, Kahaani is doing way better at 50% collections, but Chaar Din Ki Chandni is stuck at lower than 10%.

In most other cities, the film recorded miserable collections, dropping to as low as 10%. In Gujarat, the film managed to gather just Rs 10 lacs approx, but it is doubtful to show any signs of improvement.

The film is essentially a romantic comedy, but it fails to tickle at the ribs of people because of poor dialogues and pathetic screenplay. All in all, the film has had a poor opening and is expected to fade away during the week.

Coming to the figures the movie made a decent 60 lacks by means of paid previews on Thursday. It made a bit lesser than the other release Kahaani even though it released on more screens that that of the later. Some of the cities it did best business in are as follows:

Mumbai – 23 lakhs

Delhi/UP – 14 lakhs

East Punjab – 9.5 lakhs

CP Berar – 2 lakhs

Come Friday and the movie showed some growth. The growth though was not good enough when compared to the other release Kahaani but what else do you expect of a Tusshar Kapoor starrer. The territorial breakdown of the Friday business for Chaar Din Ki Chandni is as follows:

Mumbai – 38 lakhs

Delhi/UP – 22 lakhs

East Punjab – 10 lakhs

CI – 5 lakhs

Rajasthan – 6 lakhs

The net box office collection for this film including the paid previews stands at about 1.75 crores. Let’s see what good the weekend does to this flick. Considering the positive reviews of Kahaani it however seems little hope that the movie will make a decent amount even this weekend.


Seems the movie did not have any luck at par with the other release Kahaani. The movie has done an below average business and seems to have added yet another flop to the flop list of Tusshar Kapoor. The first weekend collection of the film stands at a mere 3.50 to 3.75 crores. Let’s see if the movie even touches the 10 crore mark this week. Box office collections are only expected to drop thanks to the emerging hit Kahaani.

The movie dropped in a devastating fashion in the 2nd week. With a total domestic collection of  5.16 crores nett and an overseas collection of 00.95 crores, the movie closed down at a total collection of 6.11 crores. This movie sure added another name to the long flop list of Tusshar Kapoor.

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