Cocktail Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Cocktail as of 13th July 2012 is 10.80 Crores

Cocktail, the Saif-Deepika-Diana starrer, has managed to bag a bumper opening for itself. The movie which released this Friday, had a lot of hype generated about it prior to its release. Some of the North Indian regions reported 100% occupancy for prime show timings. As the theme of the movie is based on urban life, it has managed to garner a huge opening in multiplexes.

Even though the reports were not positive throughout from most critics, the audience seemed to have liked the movie theme. However, the bad worth-of-mouth publicity may affect the film. Many people who saw the film panned it by giving thumbs down and saying it was a waste of time. The movie should be looking forward to its collection only in the initial weeks when the hype prior to its release is still intact. The journey will be rocky later on so Cocktail would do well to emerge as an average grosser!

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