Department Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Department as of 21st May is 7.9 crores

And RGV has done it yet again. I sometimes wonder how a film-maker can deliver so many back to back flops in his lifetime and still dare to sign up mega stars like Amitabh Bachchan. Yes you got it right Ram Gopal Varma’s Department is headed to joining the biggest flop list of 2012.

The movie lacks nothing in terms of starcast, promotions, and a wide release platform but it only makes the point stronger than RGV can weave up a flop even with the best resources available.

Department opened to a shocking low today morning. The average occupancy rate was less than 25%. It seems neither the so called best item number (according to RGV again) Cheeni could attract any audiences nor could the fight sequences in the movie. The audience it seems is plane, simple sick and tired of RGV.

Poor reviews and negative word of mouth publicity have further added to the woes of RGV. It seems the movie will not make more than a 1.05 crores on Day 1 and have a weekend box office collection of less than 5 crores. Well RGV I guess it’s time to move on. Why don’t you try reality shows. Good at drama aren’t we?

So the official figures are finally out. The 1st day box office collections of Department were 2.5 crores. Pretty poor for the huge expectations of RGV I must add. Day 2 saw a further drop with merely 2 crores. Sunday was a tad better with the movie doing a bit better at the box office in certain states. The movie made a poor 2.5 crores on Sunday again.

The nett total box office collections of Department on it’s 1st weekend was merely 7 crores. Now 7 crores may be huge for a small budget film but considering the huge start cast and budget of Department one can sure brand it as a flop.


The movie opened on Monday to a poor audience footfall. Many shows were even cancelled due to the poor footfall. It seems the movie is simply rejected by the masses. Monday shouldn’t look at more than 0.90 crores nett at the box office collection.

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