Dhoom:3 Box-Office Update

First Weekend 107.05 Cr

First Week : 186.55 Cr

Second Weekend : 35.18 Cr

Total : Approx. 222.73 Cr

When the genius-duo, Aamir Khan and Aditya Chopra announced that this year will end with a Dhoom, they meant it. Not just as a movie but business-wise too, Aamir’s version of Dhoom is historic! Full Aamir Khan style – Perfect!

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Collecting 107.05 cr in first weekend and summing up to a massive total of 185.55 cr in the first week, it had topped the anticipation it had created. And when it entered into the second weekend, which has always been a hard nut to crack for any movie, it rocked the box-office again.

Second Weekend Business Break-up

Second Friday : 11 Cr

Second Saturday : 11.08 Cr

Second Sunday : 13.10 Cr

‘Dhoom:3′ has surpassed all the possible records and created new ones as well. Shattering the highest opening, highest first weekend, highest first week and highest second weekend collections, ‘Dhoom:3′ is the first movie to do a business of more than 10 Cr in an unhitched run of 10 days continuously.

Aamir Khan, whose last movie, ‘Talaash’, couldn’t generate a business of even 100 cr, is smiling ear to ear now. This one is a relief for him, we hope.

The only record that is left to be broken is the highest total. And it won’t be a surprise if the action-adventure crosses it too. The movie is most likely to cross the 227 Cr collections of ‘Chennai Express’ tomorrow. And then, we will have to wait and watch how long will the movie take to surpass the 244.50 Cr of ‘Krrish 3′.

About the advance booking rate of the third installment of the ‘Dhoom franchise’, well, it was a never-seen-before thing. It was historic, managing 95-100% occupancy across the country. And since the movie was a quality product, it ensured a great word of mouth. Having the widest released ever (4500 plus screens in domestic market), the action-thriller was heading to get a monstrous start.

Though the cold (weather) wave put some dent to the collections, ‘Dhoom:3′ managed to surpass that too. The movie has taken box-office by storm! No, hurricane!

So yes, the movie has a solid chance. Mr. Perfectionist has cast his magic yet again.

This year is surely ending with a Dhoom for Aamir; how was your Dhoom-viewing? Do comments and let us know.

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