Dilwale vs Bajirao Mastani Box Office Collection

Wow..2 Top movies clash but errr. SRK movie definitely wins as expected.

Dilwale Friday : 22 Crore

Dilwale Saturday : 32 crore

Mastani Fri : 13 Crore

Bajirao : 12 Crore First Day


Dilwale will definitely gross 200cr. But Bajirao also will cross 100 Cr. Looks like a cheeky clash .. Why this kolaveri di though ? Dafaq, Mastani could have waited few weeks ain’t ? This may be bad for both movies. But satelite rights have been sold for making price so they don’t give shit.

Mr sheety blows cars and our own Leela sir makes terrific scenes. Music is poor poor. Very poor.

Which one are you watching ? Or both eh ? KRK’s review is must watch fellas

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