Don 2 Box Office Collection – Reports And Earnings

Earnings of Don 2 as of 12th January is 104.3 crore

Albeit the dialogue from the first movie’ Don ko pakarna muskil hi nahi namumkin hai..” the movie continues the legacy of a thriller well executed. Shah Rukh Khan spells out style and machoism in every frame. With a lady cop like the stylish and sensual Roma (read Priyanka Chopra), the cat and mouse chase sequences become even more enjoyable. With a jigsaw puzzle that initially seems like a confusing lot, the story unfolds and later all the pieces of the puzzle align themselves to for a perfect plot.

The twist and turns are mind boggling and one may even argue that Don 2 is a better rendition of the first version, however this remains debatable. Shah Rukh Khan’s performance has an all time high appeal in the movie and his characters reminds us of legendary characters like James Bond. Farhaan Akhtar has yet again come out victorious after this venture and the two hours thirty minute movie never experiences a moment of drag. With picturesque frames and amazing foreign locales like Thailand, Malaysia, Berlin used for the movies, it does match up to the Hollywood counterpart in terms of a thriller and action movie.

In the movie, Don is set to accomplish an uphill task of stealing the currency plates of Euro from the vault in Berlin and wishes to go unnoticed and free. This mission sets the plot for the film and the array of event leading to this forms the circle holding the movie together. With hit dialogues that are set to become a cult for the masses, the special appearance by Lara Dutta was also a good addition to the movie.  With mediocre music of Shankar Ehsaan and Loy being the only downside of the film, Don 2 has conquered the heart of the audience.

With unique marketing strategies that were adopted, Don 2 opened to full houses and pre bookings were made for the first day first show. The star stuck fans rushed in to see their King Khan in yet another charming avatar and the box office seems to be clicking merrily towards success this Christmas. With year end festivities, Don2 is going to make a good end for the Bollywood box office records. The movie was released in around three thousand cinema halls across the country and received about 80-85% response on its first day.

The first day records according to different regions are-

Don 2 is estimated to have a record collection of 19 to 20 crores in the first day itself and the weekend is expected to get a collection of 40-50 crores, especially with the festivities and Christmas around. Delhi, U.P. and Rajasthan has topped the charts in terms of collection for the first days as these places saw full houses and packed theatres.

The time of anticipations are over and we now have the actual box-office collection of Don 2’s 1st day.

1st Day Don 2 – All India Collection
Circuit Collections
Mumbai 4,82,00,000
Delhi-UP 2,75,00,000
East Punjab 1,18,00,000
C P 60,00,000
C I 51,00,000
Rajasthan 85,00,000
Nizam 1,00,00,000
Bihar 36,00,000
Assam 16,00,000
West Bengal 90,00,000
Orissa 14,00,000
Mysore 1,02,00,000
TNK 43,00,000
Total (Hindi Version) 14,72,00,000
Nepal 5,00,000
Tamil 10,00,000
Telgu 43,00,000
Total ( With Dubbed) 15,30,00,000

Considering the ongoing Christmas weekend one can only say that the collections of Don 2 are going to spike up.

SRK’s Don 2 seems to be doing pretty well overseas too. If you consider just the UAE the movie collected some  $360,000, an amount which is much more than Khan`s My Name is Khan which had managed to collect $240,000 on day one.

The total overseas collection will be around 4 crores which brings up Don 2’s two day collections to a total of 19.3 crores.

Don 2 did quite an impressive business over this weekend. It was remarkable to find houseful theaters all over the country. Be it the multiplexes or single screen cinemas all of them seem to have encountered 100% occupancy. The only regions where the movie has not been consistently doing well are Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Assam.

All India collections for Don 2 on Saturday went up to 14.6 crores. The same went up to 16 crores on Sunday. Include the international collections and the figures went up to 17.85 crores. The movie as it seems has been quite well in International markets with a gross of about 23.16 crores in the major hubs. This figure includes data from countries like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Sum all this up and you definitely get one of the highest weekend collections. Don 2’s total income comes to47.95 crores. If you compare it with other popular movies of the time it is the 3rd best earnings in the first three days by any Bollywood movie.

Hence, the First Weekend Collections are 47.95 cr. This is the 3rd Best Figure for First Three Days. This includes all the versions of the movie in different languages.

If we look at Monday’s the occupancy for the morning show was on an average 50%. However in cities like Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai the occupancy was higher with about 70-80%. Monday it seemed was going to be another great day for Day 2. We expected coming up with some amazing figures by the end of day and yes we did.

The movie experienced a drop of less than 50% and made a decent 7.25 crores on Monday. Overall it went of well on Monday sustaining minor drops. Don 2 however maintained a somewhat steady pace even through Tuesday. We might not be surprised if the movie’s box-office collection touches the 100 crore mark.

The movie showed the first first noticeable drop on Wednesday. Morning shows around the country showed a 30-40% occupancy. The figures only came up as 6 crores for the Hindi version and 20 lacks for regional language versions.

The till date collection of Don 2, i.e. the last 6 days is about 69 crores. We strongly believe that this week is going to wind up a minimum of 74 crores. Many might say it is a bit less that the expectations but keep in mind that the new year is coming in a couple of days and the first two weeks of January might see a rise in the box-office collections of the movie.

The first week box-office collections of Don 2 are just in. Though many are claiming that the movie did not do as expected on the box-office there is no denying that it’s performing quite decently. The total collection came upto 75.32 crore at the end of the 1st weekend. This makes the movie one of the top grossers at the box-office. All the versions of the movie including the Telugu one did pretty nicely all over the globe. Don 2 did pretty well even on the international platform. Indeed it broke all the landmarks set by both Salman and SRK’s previous movies.

The 2nd week collections for Don 2 are just out. Here are the statistics. Have a look:


Circuit Don 2 second week
Mumbai 6,30,00,000
Delhi-UP 3,56,80,000
East Punjab 1,52,40,000
C P 73,20,000
C I 61,88,000
Rajasthan 1,06,80,000
Nizam 1,20,40,000
Bihar 43,20,000
Assam 18,00,000
West Bengal 1,09,00,000
Orissa 16,00,000
Mysore 1,40,00,000
TNK 54,00,000
Total 18,81,68,000

Including all the other versions and international box office collections the movie grossed a total of 30 crores in the second week. The movie at present stands at about 104 crores net gross. The movie obtained the number 6 place in the fastest movies grossing 100 crores plus.

The third week collections of Don 2 have just come in. Considering the flop Players has proven to be only gives a bigger boost to Don 2. The collections are standing strong at 104.3 crores as of now.

The collections are expected to fall soon but having crossed the 100 crore barrier Don 2 is sure to bring broad smiles on many’s faces.

Keep watching this space to stay updated.


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