Ghost Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Ghost as of 14th January is 50 lakhs.

The film revolves around a vengeful ghost which returns to the hospital where she was killed and  kills the hospital staff one by one, who are responsible for her murder. There is only one gruesome manner of murder in the flick in which the ghost kills her victims and at the same time pulls out their hearts.

The horror element is lacking throughout the movie in terms of sound effects and dialogue. A goat bleating can be heard in the background almost throughout the movie. The audience will not be punished if they mistake this horror film for a comedy one!

The storyline of Ghost is juvenile. Though the movie is a horror drama, it fails to send chills down the spine even for once. The scenes are meant to be scary but nowhere near it. The cosy scenes between Shiney Ahuja and Sayali Bhagat seems forcib and not romantic at all. The songs that are mainly romantic falls totally out of place in a horror drama. For quite some time the investigation process is not headed to any particular direction. It is a very slow paced drama which robs the movie of its excitement that is very much expected and needed in any horror flick.

The script is not at all crisp and it seemed at times that even the actors have forgotten what they are doing in the movie! Like in the movie Vjay Singh (Shiney Ahuja), who plays the investigator, meets Dr. Suhani (Sayali Bhagat), in order to investigate about the series of murders occuring in the hospital, and they fall in love abruptly and forgets about the task at hand completely. To add to it, there is a romantic song at this point.

In another scene, Dr. Suhani calls Vijay frantically for conveying some urgent information. Vijay comes rushing to meet her and out of nowhere they decide to go party!

Sayali Bhagat looks like a model who is struggling hard to act. Her costumes do not complement her character at all and she wears loud make – up throughout which makes her look like the ghost instead!

Shiney enters into the film through a song that is too stretched and even he comes across more like a model than an investigator or detective.

Shiney Ahuja does a decent job in the film but his acting seems laidback due to the scrpt that lacks lustre. Sayali Bhagat’s performance is average and her delivery of dialogue does not fit her character. Deep Raj Rana and Tej Sapru have given effective performance.

The box office figures for this movie will surely make it one of the biggest flops of this year.¬† Though it got a wide release, it has succeded to make just 50 lakhs although it has scored over this week’s other releases (Tutiya Dil, Sadda Adda and Chaalis Chauraasi). The film is not expected to make a lifetime collection of more than a crore.

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