Housefull 2 Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Housefull 2 as of 27th April 2012 is 138 crores.

One of the most awaited films of 2012, Housefull 2 hits the theaters today. Makers of the sequel to Houseful 1 are quite confident that the movie will do exceptionally better than its previous part. Packed with star figures, foot tapping numbers, and the uncanny humor, the movie is sure to bring houses down. With the huge promotional activity that the production team did it is only natural that the movie will show a good opening at the Indian box office.

Another factor which might actually work for the film is the fact that none of the movies post the release of Kahaani did any good at the box office. From the looks of it a lifetime collection of about 100 crores is a certainty. Thanks to the popularity of the name of the franchise and the star cast the opening week collection should be nothing less than a good 40 crores. Opening day collection of over 15 crores is expected as of now.

The movie released in about 2700 screens which is not just a huge figure but perhaps one of the largest releases ever. It only has movies like Ra.One and Bodyguard to compete with it on the number of screens it released on.

Housefull 2 had a pretty good opening at multiplexes all over the country. It collected about 70-75% on an average in India. There were cities in the North India where the movie even opened at about 100% occupancy. Cities like Gujrat, Punjab and Rajasthan showed over 80% occupation rates whereas Maharastra and other South Cities showed about 50-60% occupancy. One can thus conclude that the movie had a pretty nice opening all over the country.

The movie has even showed a decent promise at the overseas box office too. It seems the movie is going to have a huge weekend. This comes as a relief to the Indian film industry which had not been seeing any good earners for a long time now.

So the official figures are finally out and the movie did make a good 13.95 crores on day one. Day two’s early estimate as of now is 14 crores. We predict Sunday to earn about 18 crores. The total domestic collection of the movie is thus expected to be around 45-46 crores. Since the movie also did well at the overseas box office around 12 crores is expected from the same. The total world wide collection for the movie’s first weekend should be around 66-67 crores.


After a 14 crore collection on day one, the movie went dropped to a 13 crores on Saturday.The movie had the 2nd best opening day collection of 2012 after Agneepath which did an opening day business of 25 crores. Sunday gave a huge boost to the movie’s box office collection with 15 crores. The total domestic collection of the movie as of now stands at  42 crores. Another 5.50 crores were collected at the international box office taking the grand weekend total of the movie to 47.50 crores. With no competition the movie is only expected to do decently during the weekdays.

So the week is finally done and it seems Housefull 2 has done pretty well for itself in the first week itself. The movie grossed a net total of about 63 crores which is a pretty big figure seen after quite some time at the Bollywood box office. The release of small flicks this week will have no effect on the collections of Housefull 2 and it seems to movie will maintain its steady pace in the 2nd week too. IPL definitely took a bit of a toll on this movies box office collection.

With no resistance at all Housefull 2 still seems to be doing pretty decently at the Indian Box Office. Releases like Bittoo Boss and Choodo Kal Ki Baatein proved to be huge flops at the Indian Box Office giving the audiences nothing but Housefull 2 to watch. Starting off with 4.30 crores in the second weekend Housefull 2 grossed another 6.50 crores on Saturday. The second sunday box office collection of the movie is expected to be around 8.10 crores which will bring up to the total domestic collections to 82.53 crores. Another 23.50 crores at the overseas box office makes the films total yet to about 106.03 crores. The total box office collection of Housefull 2 till the 2nd weekend is 106.03 crores. The movie was projected to have a 100 crore plus box office collection and it seems the predictions came true. The movie is expected to do decently in the ongoing week too.

Housefull 2 seems to have done a fabulous business at the global box office. The 1st week total of the movie was a massive 64 crores. The 2nd week total 30 crores and the 3rd week came to a decent 13 crores. The total domestic collections yet is 107 crores and the overseas box office collections 31 crores. This brings up the 3 week total of Housefull 2 to about 138 crores. Let’s see how long the movie stays at the box office but considering the other movies not doing so well it still has good chances.

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