Ishaqzaade Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Ishaqzaade as of 20th May 2012 is 33 crores.

One of the much hyped about movies of this year, Ishaqzaade finally sees the day today. The Yash Raj banner it seems has huge expectations from the performance of two newcomers. Huge promotional activities by the production house seem to prove the same.

A movie with no big star cast and both the main leads being newcomers, one might say such movies do not go too well at the Indian box office. However, one is bound to think that the Yash Raj Banner will never venture into uncertain tides. Their ventures with fresher’s have often proved fruitful and one does not help but wonder that the movie might actually do a decent business. Band Bazza Baaraat the other commercially successful Yash Raj Venture is an example of the same.

Also worth a mention here is the huge fan fallowing that Parineeti Chopra has amassed in a short amount of time. It is sure going to give a boost to this films prospects at the box office scenario.

The opening day seems to have a decent footfall all around the country. Ishaqzaade showed a 30-40% occupancy rate in most regions of the country. At places this went ahead to about a 50% occupancy. You might be surprised to note that the opening day is actually proving to be better than that of Band Baaza Baaraat.

Ishaqzaade will not be perturbed by the other release Dangerous Ishq as it is in a way stronger position than the latter. However, regional films down South and up North might affect the regional collection of Ishaqzaade. Gabbar Singh (Telugu) and Taur Mitran Di (Punjabi) seem to be on a decent opening but will not affect Ishaqzaade’s collections beyond a small region.

We won’t be surprised to see this movie make more money than the recent small releases like Vicky Donor. Saturday and Sunday will prove critical in deciding how big the movie is going to be. The movie should make a decent 3-3.5 crores at the Domestic Box Office on Day one.

So the official figures are finally out. Seems the movie has done a better business than we anticipated. For a movie centered around 2 newcomers the collections indeed are more than just fair. It was apparent from Day one that the movie will do a better business than Band Baza Baaraat and now the point has only grown stronger. Day 1 box office collections of Ishaqzaade was 4.30 crores. The movie showed a good pace on the second day. Day 2 bos office collections of Ishaqzaade was 5.10 crores. The movie is expected to get stronger by Sunday. Expected earnings of Sunday is about 6 crores. Add to this about 1 crore from overseas box office collections and you definitely get an above average film.

With Dangerous Ishq offering no resistance at all it seems the movie will go steady through out the entire week. The total box office collection of Ishaqzaade in its 1st weekend is 16 crores.


The movie it seems is doing pretty well thanks to the absence of any other strong competing movie. It made a whooping 26 crores in it’s first week at the box office. Dangerous Ishq offering no resistance at all, seems to have emerged as a major flop. The music of Ishaqzaade it seems is creating quite a stir too.

The movie is doing well in it’s second weekend too. The release of RGV’s Department was a major disappointment as the audiences seem to have rejected it all together. Ishaqzaade has done pretty well in it’s 2nd week too. Making 7 crores in it’s 2nd weekend, the total domestic collection of the movie now stands at 33 crores. It is indeed a huge total for a movie with 2 newcomers. It seems the 2nd week will be good too.

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