Jism 2 Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Jism 2 as of 4th August 2012 is 12.85 Crores

Jism 2 started off with making 1.05 Crores via paid previews on Thursday. The movie started off with a good box office collection of 7.45 Crores. However, negative reviews and word of mouth publicity have adversely affected the film. The film fell  by a huge margin on its first Saturday which is pretty distressing for the makers and distributors. The movie made a mere 4.50 Crores on its Day 2 at the Indian box office.

The total box office collections of Jism 2 as of now is 12.85 Crores. It doesn’t seem likely that the movie will recover on Sunday. It seems Jism 2 will not be able to meet the expectations of the Bhatts. The hype of Sunny Leone it seems did no wonders at the Indian box office. Time to bid audiu Sunny.

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