Jodi Breakers Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Jodi Breakers as of 2nd March 2012 is INR 8.5 Crores

Much was expected of Jodi Breakers considering the hype that the movie has generated. Add to that, the buzz created by Salim-Sulaiman’s music and the unusual pairing of Bipasha-Madhavan.  However, Jodi Breakers opened to a poor response from the audience. Most critics also panned the film stating that it is too dull.

The film was expected to attract youth audience. The overall collections of the film were to be drawn from the urban multiplexes. However, youth has turned its back on the movie. It remains highly unlikely that the collections will rise by the weekend.

The movie is also in direct competition with another film released today, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya. As both movies were centered for the same age group, collections have got divided. The overall collection of Jodi Breakers was estimated to be 1.90 crores by the day’s end. It is safe to say that the movie would fail to do well at the box office.


After a really bad 1st day with a collection of merely 1.50 crores the movie staggered a bit high on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a decent 2.0 crores and Sunday a bit higher with 2.50 crores. The total box office collection of Jodi breakers as of now is 6 crores.

Day Box Office Collection
Friday 1.50 crores
Saturday 2.00 crores
Sunday 2.50 crores
Weekend Total 6.00 crores

After a poor first weekend it seems the collection will only go down with every passing day.

The movie ended its run in the box office on the first week itself. All it made was a meager collection which is as follows:


Friday (First Day): 1.50 cr

Saturday: 2 cr

Sunday: 2.40 cr

Monday: 80 lacs

Tuesday: 65 lacs

Wednesday: 55 lacs

Thursday: 50 lacs

Total: 8.5 cr (7 Days)


UK – £23,175

USA – $52,618

Australia – $29,709

New Zealand – $9,640

Fiji – $10,386

Total: $200,000 (1.2 cr)

It seems the movie made about 10 crores total at the box office. Jodi Breakers definitely proved to be a flop for Madhavan and Bipasha. Seems both these actors are on a flop streak these days.

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