Kahaani Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Kahaani as of 30th March 2012 is INR 62.70 crores

Among the two major releases this ‘Holi’ week is Director Sujoy Ghosh’s much anticipated film ‘Kahaani’. Although the movie promos seemed quite interesting and catchy, it has disappointed the traders as it opened to a below-average response even in the multiplexes.

The plex occupancy improved later in the evening but it is still below the 50% mark. Because of its Calcutta connect, it has done well in Bengal, despite the Holi festivities.

In Mumbai, the response was lukewarm, but as the day progressed, collections improved. Gujarat had a different story to tell. The film has not done as well as the hype that was created. It has been able to garner just around Rs. 10 lacs, which makes it doubtful that the collections will rise.

In many other cities, Kahaani was rated between a meager 10-15% record collection. Industry experts conclude that although Kahaani is faring better than the other Holi release, Chaar Din Ki Chandni, it has not been able to collect more than 20-22 lacs in its first day.

The film is basically about a pregnant woman, Vidya Bagchi, who comes down to Calcutta to hunt for her missing husband, Arnab Bagchi. Whether or not the film will improve at the box office collections depends on whether the film is liked by the audiences.

Though hyped a lot even receiving a lot of positive reviews did the movie little good at the box office. Here is the territorial breakdown for the total collection of Kahaani on day 1.

Mumbai – 95 lakhs

Delhi/UP – 50 lakhs

East Punjab – 19 lakhs

West Bengal – 30 lakhs

CP Berar – 9 lakhs

CI – 7 lakhs

Rajasthan – 9 lakhs

Nizam – 10 lakhs

Mysore – 20 lakhs

Others – 10 lakhs

TOTAL – 2.59 crore

The first day total of the film thus came down to a mere 2.59 crores. About 88 lacks was a decent collection for the paid previews of the film on thursday. Come Friday and the movie did show a considerable growth with generating a mere 2.95 crores net at the box office. Having released at a big scale of about 1000 screens it might seem a decent collection but far more was expected from this Vidya Balan starrer. The total collection of the film as of now stands at 3.83 crores. It is expected to wrap up the weekend collection at about 9 crores net.

Overseas Collections:

Kahaani also did a pretty good job at the international box office in its first weekend. You have to keep in find the fact that the movie was not exactly based on a overseas friendly genre before you judge it by the figures. The total box office collection in the international markets for Kahaani was INR 3.30 crores.

The movie released in a total of 45 theaters in the USA and collected about INR 1.31 crores on the first weekend. UAE box office collections where decent with INR 1.13 crores. Kahaani also made a modest INR 54.21 crores having released at 31 screens in the United Kingdom. Other minor collections are: INR 29.16 in Australia,  INR 1.89 lacks in New Zealand and INR 2.42 lacks in Fiji.


Irrespective of the fact that Kahaani is perhaps not as ‘entertaining’ as that of The Dirty Pictures, Vidya Balan’s acting in the film is drawing a decent crowd to the theaters. Saturday saw a massive boost in the films box office collection with about 4.75 crores. Sunday saw an even higher box office of 5.25 crores. The weekend seems to have given a massive boost to the film’s box office collection and the first weekend collection of the film now stands at 13.50 crores net. The movie is expected to make a decent pace in the week to follow too.

1st Week Collections

There is no doubt about the fact that Kahaani has emerged as a super hit after its first week colections. The movie has grossed about 23 crores in its first week. Since there are no other big releases lined up in Kahaani’s 2nd week it is only expected that the movie will keep going strong in its 2nd week. The movie has done pretty well in all metro cities especially in Kolkata because of the city connect in the movie.

2nd Weekend Collections:

The movie is faring pretty well even in its 2nd week.  No other big releases this week seems to have helped the cause. After a decent 2.05 crores of domestic collections on Friday, the movie’s collections rose to a 3.80 crores on Saturday. The early estimates for Sunday is about 4.60 crores. The total domestic collections till now thus stands at 33.20 crores nett. Add to it 6.50 crores from the overseas box office and you get a total box office collection of INR 39.70 crores. Sales are expected to drop in the week also due to the much anticipated release Agent Vinod.

3rd Week Worldwide Collections

It does not come as a surprise that the Vidya Balan starrer is still doing better than many other movies which released later at the box office.  After a 1st week collection of 22.75 crores and 2nd week collection of 19.05 crores the movie collected a decent 8.70 crores in the 3rd week. It is a fairly high collection for any movie in its 3rd week.

The total domestic collection of the movie as of now stands at 50.50 crores nett. A collection of 12.20 crores at the overseas box office makes the nett total stand at 62.70 crores. We predict the lifetime collection of the movie to be around 70 crores nett at the worldwide box office.


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