Players Box Office Collection – Reports And Earnings

Earnings of Players as of 26th January is 22 crore 

Remakes are always tough bait especially if you have the huge responsibility of remaking a classic. Abbas Mustan with Players divulged on that difficult path. The movie is the remake of poignant classic Hollywood movie, The Italian Job. The duo abysmally fails at every point to match up with the original.

The scenic beauty of the film along with smashing style is naturally a treat to the eyes, but that is it to the film. It exploits the technicalities of film making and yet fails to make a good film. The plot is loose and has too many pitfalls. Dialogues lack weight and strength altogether. The screenplay is extremely complicated. Bipasha Basu will remind you of her role in Race. The movie is a very bad hotchpotch of Race blended with The Italian Job. But the best part is audiences who love this film will love it for its sheer technical brilliance. It was indeed a treat for the eyes!

The plot is about an international robbery planned by Abhishek Bachchan and is helped by the rest starting from Vinod Khanna, his mentor. Bobby, Bipasha, Sikander, Neil and Omy play the 5 Players. Sonam has a major chunk of a role towards the climax.

With bored acting and slow action, combined with seriously archaic dialogues, Players fail to reach to its audiences. The suspense is too open to create any sort of thrill. It was mostly predictable. The movie is good for its few actors. Bachchan was amazing at his role. So was Vinod Khanna. The length of the film killed it as well. It almost ranted off for 3 hours!

The project is a little too expensive and that is what is going to garner the losses.

The film opened big at most metropolitan cities and very slow in the smaller cities, but it looks like the film will not have any repeat audience. The film’s crux has nothing to pull greater audiences to the theatres. The reviews are mostly towards the lower range. The box office collections are expected to slow down soon, by sometime mid next week. The movie is expected to fare decently at a few multiplexes and badly at the rest. Bad reviews have completely gone against the film’s collections. It is the single screens releasing Players who will have to bear the bigger loss.

Players flopped abysmally at the box office. It collections started dwindling soon after the first day. Saturday and Sunday proves to be crucial for any movie and with Players it just sealed their flopped fates. With a total collection of 13.4 crores, Players is sure of not making much money after this. This movie has added another flop to Abhishek Bachchan’s long list and is in fact all set to beat the score of his biggest flop Delhi-6 as well.

The first week collection of Players has just come in. From the looks of it this movie is sure going to prove one of the biggest flops ever. The figures are 21.25  crores over the first week. And we are expecting a lifetime collection of not more than 25 crores.

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