Ra One Manages to Stay on Top

Diwali time is a celebration time in India and therefore most producers and directors want to make sure that their movies are released somewhere around the festival season when more and more people can enjoy their cinematic work. However, there are some big stars that always take over the box office and make sure that they dominate the box office collections no matter there are different movies in the line. Shahrukh Khan’s Ra One is one big movie that has been released this Diwali and so far it has received mixed reviews. Although, the movie has not been able to compete with the kind of popularity Bodyguard received in the past few months but Ra One has managed to stay on top at the box office. 

Ra One definitely had a very slow start because of the mixed reviews received from different film critics. Many viewers still feel that Ra One never had the script that can grip the audiences and make them enjoy the movie apart from the graphics and sound effects that are being used for the movie. However, somewhere down the line Ra One managed to hold on the number one spot because other movies like Damadamm and Tell Me O Kkhuda are not really worth watching.

Many viewers felt that watching Ra One is a better option compare to watching the other two flop movies that have not script and no star power. Ra One managed to collect 18 crores on the release date and so far the movie has managed to earn 50 crores and more. SRK is promoting the movie on different levels to ensure that they get back all their money that is being invested in the movie. Hence, with some good luck on the side and virtually no competition from other top stars Ra One manages to stay on top.


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