Refresh your mind with Bheja Fry 2

The name of the movie is Bheja Fry 2. It is a sequel of a very popular movie Bhaeja Fry. It is starring familiar names in the movie industry and they include such names as Sagar Ballary, k. k Menon, Vinay Pathak, Amol Gupte, Minisha Lamba, Amol Gupte as well as Suresh Menon.

As the title suggests this movie is a continuation of Bheja Fry 1. It was produced by the superhit film. The first episode was released in the year 2007 while this second edition is billed to hit the market in June 17 20011. The movie is presented and produced y Watchtower pictures. Just like the episode 1 of Bheja Fry the second edition is also as interesting as the first edition and they tow the same line and argued the same story.

The story is centered around a kind man although is not sense in the way the world would describe a wise man has been nursing the dream of becoming a singer. He is a tax inspector who wants to change his profession to singer.

Actually he pushes his dream forward he enlisted to a game show with the objective of winning a cash prize which if all things go well he will utilize to prepare his own album. The Bharat eventually wins that competition which gives a benefit of staying in a cruise ship. It was while he was on this cruise he comes a across Kay Kay Menon who acted the role of Ajit Talwar. He was a business tycoon; this was a business tycoon and who was hiding under the ship to evade the responsibility of paying taxes to the government. The two of them stayed together until they two became Stranded Island that is stranded. It was however when they were in that island that the two of them fall together, it was at this time that the tycoon discovered that the Ajit was a stupid man.

It was at this point that the story became interesting. The two who were stranded in the desert began to make their way out of the desert. The difference between the two begins to manifest. Bharat is feeling relieved that he is finding a way to make his dreams come true. He tries to make use of the difficulties that is faced by Ajit for evading income tax for several years. The movie begins to become more complicated at this juncture. At this stage some other characters were added to the scene and the story became interested until the end of the film.

It is one of the most interesting films that ever watched. The movie was interesting and it is easy to follow because one can easily predict the sequence of events.

The other interesting aspect of the movie is the musical aspect of it.  The musical aspects of the movie have about three composers. The composing of the music is such that will make one to be interest bound until he finishes watching the movie. The song composers that were used for the movie include Sagar Desai, Sneha Khanwalker and Ishq Bector.

The movie is billed to be released in few days time. Already the lovers of movies are full of expectations on the movie. Knowing the successes that the Bheja fry 1 has achieved in the industry many people believe that the new movie will make greater impact than the previous one. There are lots of expectations and people believed that it will bring tsunami in the Indian movies. This is because the movie is boasting of the biggest names in that industry and it includes such a name Vinay Phatal as well as Menon Kay are one of the most popular names in the movie industry in India.

All the characters in the movie acted their parts very well. One of such characters is Kay Kay Menon. He acted the role of big man in the movie. Any role he played is always full of expectation. People are full of expectations of the role that Kay Kay Menon will perform in the industry. The movie composed of best hands and best brains in the movie industry.

The movie is one of the most expected movies in India today. It was initially billed to be released in April of this year but was later postponed to June of 2011 April. The movie when it is released will definitely create its impact in the Indian movie industry. The message the movie is going to pass is a message the movie lovers will prefer.

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