Rowdy Rathore Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Rowdy Rathore as of this week is 114.6 crores

And yes you now get to see Akhshay Kumar in a completely new avatar. Some say it is somewhat close to Akshaya’s Khiladi look however we find his act in Rowdy Rathore to be plane simple raw. The raw look seems bound to leave quite an impact and with the IPL season over and no other good movie in sight Rowdy Rathore is sure to be a bang on hit.

The movie has already received an amazing start in most parts of the countries. Housefull multiplexes and single screen theaters present the whole story. It seems the movie is doing better business in single screen theaters than in multiplexes. Single screen theaters in UP and Delhi say a 85% plus occupancy rate on day 1. The entire northern Indian region sees a similar fate. Down south and Maharashtra the movie is going a bit slow with an average of 65% occupancy rate. However, the figures are only expected to improvise by the weekend.

After opening to a huge response on day 1 it seems the movie did better than most of us anticipated. Day 1 Box Office Collections of Rowdy Rathore stands strong at 15.10 crores. It’s been quite sometime since we saw a movie do that well. Akshay Khiladi Kumar rekindles magic yet again.

The Khiladi is shaking the Indian Box Office Scenario real hard. After a huge day one Rowdy Rathore made a bigger 14.70 crores worth Box Office Collections on Day 2.  Sunday collections came true to the expectations of the makers and analysts. The movie made a smashing 18.30 crores on Sunday beating the record of many huge openings.

It was not surprising to see the movie stagger on Monday but it still did a much bigger business than any of its recent competitors. The first Monday Box Office Collections of Rowdy Rathore was 9.20 crores. Tuesday collections came down to 8.10 crores and Wednesday made a steady 7.40 crores. Thursday collections were 6.80 crores. Add to that an overseas box office collections of 11 crores.

The total domestic collections of Rowdy Rathore during its first week at the Indian Box Office was 79.60 crores. One can only imagine how heavy that figure is and I can’t help but wonder why most trade analysts predicted a way lower figure. Adding up the domestic and overseas collections of week 1 for Rowdy Rathore brings up the nett total to 90.6 crores.


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