Shaitan rocks the weekend crowd

The movie was directed by a big name in the movie industry Bejoy Nambiar. The film was produced by Hindi Cinema. The characters in the movie are a group of notorious gangs who engage in all sorts of amoral behaviour. They take to hard drugs and habitual drinking. As a result of their drunken character they drive recklessly through the streets in Mumbai. These wayward boys came from rich background, as result of their bad behaviour they were no longer accepted by their families.

The reckless driving through Mumbai resulted to the deaths of two people whom they crushed in a ghastly motor accident. Because of the seriousness of the case the only option that was left for them was to source money to closes the case. But getting the money to close the case was a big problem of its own as none of them would summon the courage to visit their parents and relations for financial assistance. To source the money they started plotting for it.

One of them was Amy a lady whose real name is Kalki Koechlin suggested to others that they fake her kidnapping so that some ransom can be demanded from her parents to make up the money to close the case. Unfortunately their plan turned out negatively against them and resulted their getting deeper into crime.

While the movie lasted it was interested and attention capturing. The movie was also more interested in the way flashbacks and narrative devices were inserted to prevent the movie watchers from predicting what is going to be the outcome of the next stage.

The movie featured Rajeev khandelwal, Koechlin Kalki, Shiv Pandit, Kulhari Kirti, Deviaya Gulshan as well as Neil Bhoopalam.

There are many interesting sequences in the movie but the most exciting among them was the shoot outs. The narratives in the movie were repeatedly punctured with what Kalki thought of her mother who serves no other purpose than to explain reasons for her criminal behaviour and perhaps attract sympathy and forgiveness from the film watchers.

One of the interesting tracks in the movie was the place a committed police officer was wounded in the course of his duty even when his dedication to duty is causing disaffection in his marriage. It can be said that the hero of this film is this police officer who passed through lots of ordeals like watching his wife pack out of their matrimonial homes, and such other instances where he spurs his auto driver into action.

The soundtrack of the film is superb and the credit for this goes to the composers of the movie. The five principal characters in the movie are three boys and two girls. The boys have better performance than the girls.

In the whole the film could not pass completely the message it intended to send across. There are some big loopholes here and there. As a first action by the director the movie gets my pass mark. It is entertaining and interesting. It compare favorably with other films of similar themes.

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