Tezz Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Tezz as of 3rd May 2012 is 17.5 crores

Despite having a noteworthy star-cast, Tezz failed to garner any significant response at the Box office. The movie opened to an estimated response of 30-35% occupancy all over.  Reports were better for single screens, while the movie failed to captivate a decent opening at the multiplexes.

The movie has also received negative reviews from the critics as well as audiences alike, hampering its chances of succeeding even further! The movie has had a very high production budget and it is unlikely that the makers would even recuperate that cost. Even if the response gets better over the weekends, it will not be enough to save the blushes of the film.

The film had a bankable cast with a fiery action theme, which doesn’t appear to have attracted audiences’ attention. There were other controversies between director Priyadarshan and the producer of the movie regarding Mallika Sherawat’s item number, but it appears to have made no difference at the end of the day.

Verdict is that Tezz will struggle badly at the box office, as other factors are also against its run! IPL season coupled with some big releases in the forthcoming weeks has made the job even more difficult. The film is expected to sink without a trace!

It seems the movie has turned out to be one of the biggest recent flops. Day 1 box office collections for Tezz was merely 3.50 crores. With minimal occupancy in most of the theaters, the other release Avengers seems to have made life tough for Tezz. Day 2 box office collections for Tezz showed no improvement with 3.55 crores. Sunday showed a little higher occupancy but Avengers was going houseful again and the box office collection for Sunday is not expected to be more than 4 crores. This takes the 1st week domestic box office collection of Tezz to about 11 crores. The movie is also expected to collect a couple crores at the overseas box office. However, with the huge footfall in Avengers Tezz is only supposed to face an unfortunate and premature death. It seems the huge expectations of the makers are only going to fall flat.


The disastrous movie it seems ended week one on a pretty devastating note. Domestic collections of the movie in week one was a mere 15 crores. Add to it another 2.5 crores from the overseas box office collections and you get a bigger total. Overall box office collections of Tezz as of week one was just 17.5 crores.

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