Tum Hum Shabana: Madhur Bhandarkar to Participate

The upcoming comedy called Hum Tum Shabana will feature Madhur Bhandkar, the comedy is organized by Sugar Ballary. The other people who will participate in the movie include Shreyas Talpade, Tusshar Kapoor as well as Minissha Lamba.

The interesting part in this development is that Madhur would be seen performing dual roles in the movie as an actor as well as official of the beauty pageant which is part of the comedy. This position was revealed by no other than Sunil Chainani an official of Horseshoe picture. Beauty aspect of that movie was organized by Tusshar and Shreyas where the movie actor will play rival roles.

It was said that he was moved by the story line of the movie and he agreed to perform dual roles in that movie as an actor and an official. This would be loved by movie lovers in the country and many wait to see how he would combine these two roles in one comedy. There is no doubt about his skills and ability as far as movie and comedy production in the country is concerned. This is a big role which many people are waiting to see how he would perform them. Many are on the look out.

This will add more credos to his capacity as an actor and regulator. The organizers of the beauty contest saw his involvement as way of getting more support and involvement from Bollywood community because of the type of crowd he could pool. The new comedy would be out on September 23rd.

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