Vicky Donor Box Office Collections – Reports and Earnings

Earnings of Vicky Donor as of 27th April 2012 is 15 Crores

Movies with a social message seems to be on the rise now-a-days. Vicky Donor is based on the lines of sperm donation in today’s world. Though the promos give us the fun angle of the movie, it is undoubtedly a film which brings to the masses the hush hush world of sperm donation.

The movie is the production debut of John Abraham. Though he appears in just one song in the film, it seems he has done a lot for the promotion of this film. Making his acting debut with this film, MTv VJ Ayushmann Khurana has left no stone unturned to make this movie a hit. Except for the huge promotional activity, the movie’s music seems to gave done exceptionally well in the Indian markets. It seems the movie will do a decent business at the Indian Box Office.

Vicky Donor is expected to do especially well in the multiplexes and urban cities. The local flavor of North India might help the movie do better in Punjab, Haryana, NCR, Delhi, etc. Single screen theaters and rural areas however are not expected to relate well to the theme of the movie. Vicky Donor will have to rely heavily on the collection in urban areas. Word of mouth and positive reviews will as usual affect the popularity of the film at the global box office.

We predict a first weekend collection of nett 6-7 crores at the Indian box office.   The total first week collection will not be more than 10-12 crores. Life time collections of the film is expected to be around 15-16 crores.

The morning show of the film had an occupancy rate of about 25% on day one. This went on ahead to about 45-50% by the end of the 1st day. Looks like the expected collections of the film will be round about 1.45 crores nett on day one. Let’s see what the weekend brings out for the film.


We finally have the official figures of Vicky Donor’s box office collections. Seems the movie did better than we predicted however it still couldn’t beat Hate Story at the domestic box office. Having performed well in the urban multiplexes the movie has indeed done a decent job in the metros. Vicky Donor Day 1 Box Office Collections stood at a decent 1.8 crores nett. As expected the movie received a boost on Saturday with a jump of around 35%. Vicky Donor Day 2 Box Office Collections stood stronger with 2.40 crores nett. The movie’s total domestic collection as of now is 4.20 crores.

The good news for the movie is that it also did some business at the oversease box office. Vicky Donor made a 1.90 crores nett at the overseas box office in its first 2 days. John Abraham’s production debut looks good at 6.10 crores in the first two days. The figures as of now looks good for a small budget film with all newcomers. It seems the movie will easily reach somewhat 8 crores in its first weekend. Too good a figure for the movie eh. Let’s see how long the movie lasts at the box office.

Making a slow start at the box office it seems the critics positive reviews have finally paid off. It seems Vicky Donor is finally overtaking the box office collections of Hate Story. The movie saw a good box office collection of 3.45 crores on its 1st Sunday. Vicky Donor also has a decent box office collection of 1.90 crores nett at the overseas box office. IPL seems to be losing its charm as more and more people are preferring movies over cricket matches.

The 1st weekend box office collections of Vicky Donor stands strong at 10.95 crores. With big budget films lined up for release soon, it will be a challenge for the movie to keep up pace. Only time will tell.

Positive reviews and word of mouth publicity finally seems to have done Vicky Donor some good. The movie made a decent 13 crores at the domestic box office in its 1st week. Another 1.90 crores were collected from the overseas box office. The total global collection of Vicky Donor in its 1st week stands at 15 crores nett. Multi-starrer Tezz might affect the movie’s collections in its 2nd week. Keep visiting to stay updated.

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