Besuray (incompetent) singers in Bollywood industry

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Today’s Hindi music is fast paced and technologically much advanced than yesteryears. To adjust the music and even the vocals as per the requirements is much easy in today’s scenario. The benefits of the advancements of technology have even make the job of singing easier to the ones who do not know the ABC of singing and if we glance at the music scene of current time, we will come across a number of prominent faces of the music industry who even do not know the basics of the music but have been earning fame and money. Thanks to the advanced technology which has even made the Besuras (incompetent singers – the singers who lack in singing) ‘the singers’. Above all, the most astonishing and eyeball raising thing is that the world follow them and applaud them. Well for this, thanks to the media’s advancement that gives coverage to even the minor things.

I would not like to name the singers, who are simply bombastically Besuras and am one hundred percent sure (as far as I understand a little bit about music being a passionate Hindi music lover and even the layman or an ordinary Hindi music listener too can easily judge their lacking in the trade of singing) that they are devoid of the basic of the music and have not been trained at all. But they are doing marvelously in the present music scenario grabbing huge stardom domestically and internationally and collecting the handsome bucks in return. The music companies have been inking deals with them offering them much beyond their expectations. As said above ‘thanks to media’s coverage and technology advancement’!

Earlier we used to hear that people would inject the fingers into their ears or simply leave the place where the Besuray Singers would sing. But what happened to the masses today? They not only listen to their songs but also become their fans. And it is the masses, who give them stardom which they do not deserve at all.

In past, becoming a singer was the toughest of the job even for those who were trained in this trade. They had to make the rounds of the music companies to get a chance to show their histrionics and they had to sit in the feet of their mentors (gurus) to learn the techniques. Do you think, today’s singer has to do all this? Obviously not! Today, if you plan that you have to be a singer and continue this profession for the rest of life and interestingly you are not passionate about it and do not know the art and are trained, but seeing the fame of the singer you have planned so – you can do so and it is damn easy. No need to go into the pupilage of any mentor, no need to make rounds of the music companies to get an opportunity at all – what you need is simply make a music album of yours and airs it on the channels. There is also another simple way, which is quite popular these days, of getting into the notice is YouTube. Upload your song or video on it and lets it spread.

I do not blame the stars who have turned singers rather I blame those who claim to be singers and have penetrated in the industry without any basics and training of the music. Stars who turn singers are free of this blaming since they are forced to croon out of their mammoth popularity among the masses, who want to hear them. And you have witnessed that the stars who sing, they do not continue with singing job since they know they are the master of other trade i.e. acting.

There are certain personalities of Bollywood trade, who I acknowledge a lot due to their splendid contributions into the world of cinema but they continue with the singing even though they know internally that they lack in this field being untrained having no gifted skill of singing. Masses love their singing even it is quite hard to understand what they are singing! Weird! Guess, it is their star power that the people love their singing else understanding the words which they croon is super hard.

Apart from the Bollywood scene, the pop and rock culture is full of the singers who do not know music at all but they are stars. Admit, there are certain singers in pop and rock, who are trained and know the music utterly but unfortunately the biggest brigade lacks in understanding the music sense.

The basic reason of not getting trained is the fast stardom and money, today’s singers want. And when both of these things come easily, then why to consume mind on learning music!

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