Boldness of today’s Bollywood heroines

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Today’s Bollywood industry is much advanced than yesteryears. We witness mammoth boldness in movies, music videos and almost in each of entertainment work being done in the industry. The fraternity has grown with the sophistication of time. It is good since to be in the eyes and be successful, you have to tread with the demands of current time. But the industry has adopted many other much bolder things, which need not to be taken along. Well, this is another issue, which I will discuss in some of my upcoming columns.

In this piece of writing, I would like to dash off about Bollywood heroines’ (leading ladies) boldness and some of their good things, which are appreciable. First the boldness is churned out. There were times in the past when the heroines or the leading women of the tinsel town used to be fully clad or if there was any demand of the scene where the skin show was necessary, they used to flaunt a bit part of their body. Even the audience too was shy at that time. For example, when a bit of skin show was shown on the screen, the viewers would shy watching it with their family members or often the scene would be forwarded if watched on video player. The item girls of the past, which were easily countable as they were few known ones who were seen in every other film such as Bindu, Aruna Irani, Helen and others, used to wear the outfits which were lesser revealing than our today’s leading gals of Bollywood. You may judge the difference by yourself.

Kissing scenes were not shown in that era. If there was a demand of the script, the flowers were shown cuddling to each other. Or if the kissing was shown, that is nothing in terms of today’s lip-locks. Heroines of the past were reluctant to picturize these kinds of bold scenes and the filmmakers and the viewers acted accordingly. Besides there was not any demand as well for such boldness that the filmmakers would coerce the women to doll it up. Those films were seen with family but today’s films, you hardly can watch with your elders or youngers. You just can enjoy them alone, friends or with your spouses or lovers.

Today’s Bollywood heroine is much revealing and she acts on the business formula ‘Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikta Hai’. Bikini is much common in Bollywood girls of today time. Every other girl wants to slip into it. And for this, huge work out is done to make a bikini fitting body. Cleavage showing is a trademark among Bollywood heroines today. The race of who shows much is going on since they all know – who shows much gets most viewers and business.  There are very few heroines who try to cover up their body parts in films. Apart from the films, these Bollywood babes are much revealing in private parties and public events. Reason is obvious – flaunting skin grabs the cameras’ bulbs. Thus to be in news, they take the advantage of their skin-show.

Now coming to the good things of Bollywood babes, they are their tying the knot at early age (though it is still not early nonetheless it is a good age to get married). In past, Hindi film babes, whose focus was only films, used to get married after their film career was off. And the ones who got married at the peak of their careers, they would leave the film industry.

But today the scenario is totally changed, as the heroines openly admit about their boyfriends and after dating for some years or so, they settle with their beaus in marriage bond (no matter if they are at peak of their career). Well, they know that the film industry is quite bold now and their career would not affect with their marriage.

This confidence gives them courage to tie the knot early in life. Bollywood keeps them offering leading roles to the married actresses as far as they do well and their films go well at the box office. This is undoubtedly a good action by the filmmakers.

No matter if our leading ladies of film industry are much bolder, the fact of the matter remains that Bollywood is today’s world’s biggest entertainment industry which is the central focus of the entire world.

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