Bollywood stars’ wives’ successful business ventures

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Where Bollywood’s leading male brigade enjoys the big stardom and churns out mammoth money, their wives too enjoy the stardom not because they are the wives of the stars rather they do it because of their own identities as being the businesswomen. Almost every big male Bollywood star’s wife makes herself busy all the time by running quality and productive business. Yes, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that their husbands’ stardom adds values to their businesses. But in the long run, a business runs on quality thus in that sense these stars wives do their level best to make their own identities and they are super successful.

From Shah Rukh Khan’s wife to Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty’s wife, almost every other star wife runs business to spend time and earn good bucks.

The column will talk about the prominent names of the wives, who have made really big by their own and carved special place in their respective fields with their hard works and intelligence. Let’s pour the focus on these successful women of the Mumbai’s film industry’s big wheels.


Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan today is a name which is super popular in the world. Initially Gauri’s identity was due to her King Khan husband. Being Shah Rukh Khan’s wife, Gauri always enjoys big respect around the world wherever she goes with her husband or alone. But she has now made her own standing among the masses with her business. Gauri is today called ‘Queen Khan’ and yes, she is because she is a successful woman being the co-producer in many famed films. She co-owns Red Chillies Entertainment with husband Shah Rukh Khan and co-produces movies with her husband and other film producers. Gauri and Hrithik Roshan’s wife Suzanne Roshan have made collaboration in Suzanne’s signature furniture line. Gauri is the co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders with Shah Rukh Khan and is the brand ambassador of the brand D’décor. A real successful woman, Gauri does not have free time now since every minute counts for her.

kiran rao

Kiran Rao

Kiran is famed apart from being the wife of Bollywood’s most bankable star, Aamir Khan. Prior to meeting Aamir, Kiran was an independent woman. She was the Assistant Director in the movie ‘Lagaan’ where she firt met with her future husband. Kiran is an intelligent woman and she has a sharp eye on reading and judging the scripts which is why Aamir always takes her help while selecting a film script.With the film, ‘Dhobi Ghat’, Rao made her debut as a director. The film got critical acclaim.


Suzanne Roshan

The daughter of the popular film star Sanjay Khan and the sister of Zayed Khan and cousin of Fardeen Khan, Suzanne is now Mrs. Roshan after tying the knot with Bollywood’s charismatic and hearthrtrob star Hrithik Roshan. Suzanne is an Interior Designing graduate from Brooks College, California. She runs a big business of her own interior designing boutique ‘House of Design’ in Mumbai. After the business turned super successful, Suzanne has now launched her second store ‘The Charcoal Project’. On her clients’ list, Bollywood’s A-List celebrities exist.


Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna, the gorgeous and sparkling beauty wife of the much famous actor of Hindi cinema, Akshay Kumar, is not a housewife anymore since she has been doing a successful business since quite some time. Post tying the knot with Akshay, she quit the filmdom to enjoy a married life happily but then she plunged into the business. She is an interior designer now and runs a successful interior business store ‘The White Window’ in Mumbai. Her store was awarded with the Elle Decor International Design Award. Twinkle has regular A-List Bollywood clients. Today she also co-produces movies with her husband.

maheep kapoor

Maheep Kapoor

A successful jewelry designer, Maheep Kapoor, the better half of Sanjay Kapoor, runs a number of high end jewelry boutiques where the top notch Bollywood celebrities come to buy the jewelry. Her designed jewelry is worn by the celebrities in movies and on red carpet appearances.

adhuna akhtar

Adhuna Akhtar

Adhuna is a big name in Bollywood and fashion industry. She is a famed stylist and has magic in hands. Her styles which she gave to the stars in movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ made her a prominent name in filmdom. She is the wife of film producer and actor Farhan Akhtar. She gives styles to the film celebrities and the stars in movies. Her salon has clients from Bollywood to all walks of life. Her reality show ‘Be Blunt’ on Discovery Travel & Living adds more sparkles to her business and fame.


Mana Shetty

She is the better half of actor Suniel Shetty. Mana is undoubtedly more successful than her husband. Suniel is an actor and a film producer but on both fronts he is not much successful. But his wife is more successful in her business ventures. Mana has investments in various business sectors like construction, fashion and hotels. Mana Shetty is a fashion designer as well and runs her own boutiques. Apart from all these business concerns, she works closely with a number of NGOs working for the under-privileged children’s causes.


Tanya Deol

The wife of Bobby Deol, Tanya already belonged to a rich business family before walking down the aisle with the actor. She belongs to big business house Ahujas. Luxury has always been in her lap but she wanted to make by her own. Thus she began running her own furniture and home accessories store ‘The Good Earth’. Today her store has big clientage and she enjoys the fruits of profits.

These stars wives have really been shinning in their respective trades and they are successful rather super successful. Their husbands’ names and stardom surely add values to their business’ success but the truth cannot be denied that they have achieved the status by standing on their own feet. They are rich, they are gorgeous, they are stylish, they have stardom and they are popular. The paparazzi are always after them to fetch the stories on them to adorn in their publications. These women are classy in every sense of word and they do have followers to follow them to learn the idea of success. The women should focus on them and grab the art of being a successful woman.

Apart from the profits, these stars’ wives make, the lucrative and good thing is that the economy gets strong and more and more recruitments are placed. In short, with their business ventures, people get jobs and many unemployed too can be benefited.

A number of other Bollywood stars’ wives too have joined in the business and the trend is getting much strong inside the Bollywood community. It is a vivid fact that whatever gets popular inside their community, Bollywood industry follows them crazily. Good as it is beneficial for the masses. There is another benefit the Bollywood stars get by making their wives busy with businesses – the wives hardly find time to dip nose in scanning their husbands’ lives. Interesting, sure it is and hopefully this must be in the stars’ minds, guess so.

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