How love blossomed between Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra?

Sipping the Gossips with Goher Iqbal Punn

Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra are well in news nowadays due to their alleged love affair. A lot is being written on this spicy scandal and as per the reports, Gauri Khan has been playing a good wife in making Priyanka pushed away from the hubby. But she cannot do it completely since the two were now seen hosting Zee Cine Awards 2012 together in Macau over the weekend.

Recently Priyanka left Shah Rukh Khan’s office at around 3 a.m. before heading to Macau for the awards function and the media has now started terming her ‘Shah Rukh Khan’s 3 a.m. Friend’. There are reports that Priyanka now turns red when Khan’s name is mentioned before her. The love between the two is on fully blooming.

Way back in May 2000, when Priyanka Chopra was crowned Miss India by Shah Rukh Khan, little did they both know that one day their names would start spelling together in the media. She had never ever thought of the same at that time. In 2004, when Priyanka landed into bigger troubles with her business manager Prakash Jaju over non-payment dues, it was Shah Rukh Khan who came up to help her out. In 2006, Priyanka was offered the leading role for the first time opposite Shah Rukh Khan, her dream man in Farhan Akhter’s Don 2. She was endlessly excited with the offer. In 2008, Priyanka and Shahid Kapoor fell in love with each other while they were filming for Kaminey and it was again Shah Rukh, Priyanka’s best buddy, who approved of it. Both Kapoor and Chopra even spent quality time together at Khan’s residence many a time (as per reports). Before coming into the arms of Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka also dated Harman Baweja (her costar in Love Story 2050. She also worked later with him in What’s Your Rashee.

In 2009, the relationship with Shahid Kapoor was on shaky terms. And her affection for good friend Shah Rukh Khan was there with Piggy Chops.  In October 2010, both Khan and Chopra started shooting for Don 2 in Berlin and it was an awesome moment for the girl. When Shah Rukh praised her in a press conference saying ‘Priyanka is far beautiful than Berlin’, she blushed a lot.

In December 2010, when Karan Johar asked her how close she was with the King Khan? She blushed like a teenager. While at the Screen Awards in January 2011, Khan showed his likeness for Priyanka when he asked question to Shahid ‘Is Priyanka your sister?’.

Shahid and Priyanka broke up in February 2011. And then the things continued growing between the two. When Priyanka’s movie ‘7 Khoon Maaf’ was released, at one of the occasions of the press meets, Priyanka said in Shah Rukh’s presence ‘had he been among those seven husbands, she would not have killed him at all’.

In last September (2011), the love between Khan and Priyanka was high and it was much in notice of the media. Gauri Khan too had known about what was cooking between the two. Thus she decided to throw an Eid Milan party and invited Priyanka there. Among other horde of Bollywood celebs, Priyanka too came but was utterly ignored by the host Gauri Khan (obviously she wanted to teach her lessons that she knew it all).

The following month in October 2011, both were invited at the dance show ‘Just Dance’ where Hrithik Roshan was the judge. Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra took many liberties there to spend the quality time. Even the romantic pictures of both at the occasion were leaked in the media as well.

Gauri and Shah Rukh’s close friends have till now smelled the truth and they even began talking that Priyanka was invited every party thrown by Khan and she did not leave him along and always clung to her. A close pal even revealed that Gauri was quite upset with the closeness of Priyanka to her hubby.

In December 2011, paparazzi spotted Priyanka Chopra leaving Shah Rukh Khan’s office very late at night. And in this current month of January 2012, both hosted the Zee Cine Awards 2012 in Macau without caring about what is being written about their romance and even without caring about the disturbance of the people associated with them.

Well, apparently they are very much in love with each other but unless they announce it by themselves, we are not sure hundred percent. But the fact is there that Gauri Khan is quite upset since the day Neelam Kothari, the close friend of Gauri, revealed many hidden truths to her. This was the reason that at Shah Rukh’s bash for the success of Don 2, Priyanka was not seen there since Gauri did not allow her.


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