Iconic actresses who made Bollywood famous internationally

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Hindi cinema industry also called or famous as Bollywood in the entire world is laced with enormous and ocean of talents, it carries the brilliance which is unavoidable. Where the industry has brilliance in every genre of films, it also has the potentially marvelous rather great actresses, who we can name the ‘real iconic actresses of Bollywood’. In the male dominated entertainment industry of the world, Bollywood actresses have proved their mettle with their dexterity and luminosity in the art of acting. These days, the women-oriented movies are made without any fears of losing the money. Producers and investors are open by throwing the fears aside to churn out movies on women’s subjects taking the actresses as the leading protagonists of the movies.

There are a number of examples of the women-oriented movies and in today’s scenario, post the success of the films like The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, the filmmakers are more inclined to chew up the women related subjects on celluloid.

Below mentioned actresses are who have taken the Hindi cinema on international platform aptly and with their names, the Indian film industry is rightly known in the world. Let’s check out them.


Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya or Ash, as she is called with love is often termed as the ‘most beautiful woman of the world, is undoubtedly the globe’s most charming and gorgeous lady on earth. She has proved her beauty after winning the Miss India and then Miss World beauty pageant. She has the biggest fan following in the world. Without her, many international film events are incomplete such as Cannes where she endows her presence every year. Aishwarya Rai is a brilliant actor and one can judge her acting prowess from the movies like ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’, ‘Devdas’, ‘Raincoat’, ‘Jodha Akbar’ and many others. Aishwarya is probably the first actress of Bollywood who put Bollywood and India on international map. Undoubtedly because of this actress, Bollywood cinema industry is known in many parts of the world.



Kajol is a name that talks about and represents the word ‘talent’. Yes, she is the most talented actress in Hindi cinema industry. Belonging to the family of talented actors, Kajol is the daughter of yesteryears actress Tanuja. Late Natun was her aunt (her mother’s sister). Rani Mukherjee is her cousin and Tanusha is her younger sister. Kajol is a class apart. A versatile actor in every sense of the word, she has played many types of roles so far in her ongoing career from tom boyish roles to serious, drama and comedy. She is loved to be watched in every kind of character she plays on screen. Her presence in films is widely felt. Kajol’s movies are awaited eagerly. She is a box office actress. Kajol’s pairing with Shah Rukh Khan was liked and even still masses would like to see both of them sharing the screen space together.


Madhuri Dixit

This fabulous actress came and ruled the filmdom with her superb and classy dancing skills and acting prowess. She is a complete package from tip to toe. Madhuri was and still is an institution for the upcoming actresses and the dance learners. Her stupendous dancing skills and dance numbers in movies still hold strapping worth among the moviegoers. From kids to youngsters and oldies, all love this woman. She is the real heartbeat of all and sundry. Her movies like ‘Tezab’, ‘Beta’, ‘Ram Lakhan’, ‘Parinda’, ‘Khalnayak’, ‘Anjaam’, ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’ and ‘Devdas’ have made her famous world over. She has biggest admirer in the entire globe.

sri devi

Sri Devi

The sparkling smile woman of Bollywood, Sri Devi, the woman with ocean of talents of acting ruled the cinema industry in her hey days. She is still super popular. There were days when good acting skills used to be related to her name. Like Madhuri, Sri Devi too tasted superstardom in her era. She was the famed actress of Bollywood in 80s and 90s era. Filmmakers used to make queues to fetch her in their flicks. Pick any film of her, you would start praising high for her acting skills. From serious roles to drama to comedy, Devi was brilliant in all genres. Her comedy style is what today’s actresses try to copy but in vain since it was her trademark. The films like ‘Chaalbaaz’, ‘Mr. India’, ‘Chandni’ and ‘Lamhee’ touch the hearts.

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