Journalists are the representatives of Bollywood stars, is it true?

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It is often misunderstood and the film fraternity apparently thinks that the journalists are the representatives of them and the entertainment industry. Why this misconception exists among the masses and the stars of the film fraternity? The obvious and the vivid reason behind is that since through the media (journalists), the details of the stars, movies and almost everything happening inside the entertainment world are reached to the general public – thus this misconception takes the birth mistakenly.
Well, it has also been witnessed many a time when the bigwigs of the Bollywood industry themselves convey this message to the public. So when the filmdom itself transmits the spurious information on air to the masses, the general public would automatically starts thinking on the lines.
I remember one talk-show where the biggies of the Bollywood industry were there and the topic was on this particular subject of ‘journalists are the representatives of the stars’. The show went on air on Zoom TV. Along with the Bollywood personalities, the top notch media giants were also present to defend themselves. It was the talk of the summer of 2005. The Bollywood’s big wheels maintained the stand that the media were their representatives since through them, the details of the industry and the stars reached to the masses whereas the journalists did not agree with the stars’ verdict.
Since I too attach to the world of journalism being an analyst of the Bollywood and entertainment trade, I still disagree with the stars’ claims and by the time I was watching the show, I was neutrally thinking that the media’s stand was valid as the journalists maintained they were not their representative since they reported what they witnessed.
Although to some extent, what the Bollywood industry thinks seems right since the reports reach to the masses through the media but only this matter cannot lead to the point that media is their representative. The celebrities raised the issues on the show that the journalists spoiled their images among the people by reporting the false scandals and their love affairs which did not exist at all. I do not agree with them since what is reported, as far as their scandals and love affairs are concerned, is correct (if not hundred percent). The matter is these celebs want to hide their worst side and just want the journalists to show what is beneficial for them.
Where do these celebs slip away when they themselves report their love affairs, scandalous gossips and the likes to the media through the press releases by their managers or PR companies? Well, at that time, their career graph is going downwards and they want boost through being into the limelight.
Admit, there exist the yellow journalism but majority of the journalists convey what they witness and find true.
Although both celebrities and the journalists are dependent on each other since celebs need their attention to get famous in the world and the journalists need them to make stories to contribute to the publications, but this does not mean at all the latter is the representative of the former.
The movie reviews are written with utter criticism and the same happens with other analytical works of based on the movies and music. There is no bias attached to the write-ups. What is wrong, needs attention, should’ve been corrected – all is penned in the reviews so that the audience can figure out. The journalists do not raise bigger claims for the Bollywood’s projects as they want to let the public know that ‘this is the product – now it’s up to you whether watch it or not!’
Whenever anything is reported against the celebrities, they pinpoint the media and when the media praises them, why they make silence? It’s weird!
In a capsule, the fact of the matter is that journalists are not the representatives of the stars or the Bollywood industry. They do their work with honesty and report what they find right.

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