Old songs – more magical than today’s music

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Today’s music, which is being churned out in Hindi films, is technological much advanced and undoubtedly soothing and mellifluous. Today we have a great number of singers doing playback singing and endless amount of the vocalists who are waiting their turn to step into the field. Additionally hundreds and thousands are those who are being trained in music to showcase their talents to have their deserved place. This is a superlative and most beneficial sign for the music industry that it cannot lack in talents now. But when we make comparisons of today’s Hindi film music with the movies’ compositions of the past, majority of us instantly say without even deeply thinking that past’s music was more melodious and beautiful lyrically.

There is absolutely no doubt in saying so – the fact remains that compositions scored in the past are still afresh and widely heard than today’s music. Contemporary music hardly has repeat values. You listen it and then skip it. If some songs are most pleasing, you give them repeated hearings or listen then after some time. But finally they take their place at somewhere in your house or music collection.

But we often witness that the old songs are heard more often than the latest numbers. In your mood of joys, sorrows and excitement – you love to play the old stuff and would love to sail through the waves. You automatically associate yourself with the old tunes. They act like your companions in every kind of your mood. They soothe you – calm you – relax you and even excite you. These tracks serve you in the best manner, which is why they have their place not in your music collection or library but straight in your heart.

Today’s young generation, who is born in current scenario, does not know about the singers of the past but would love to listen their songs more than the renditions of the present vocalists.

Well, the question hits the mind as to what is the reason behind – why do we get mesmerized to the music of past more than the compositions being churned out in today’s time? The main reason is ‘melody’ that is missing in contemporary music. Other reason is the magic in poetry. Lyrics are written with super brilliance and we have the finest lyricists in town. Nonetheless the magic is missing somewhere which was much visible in the lyrics of the past. There are other factors as well but these two are the main reasons why we prefer old songs over the contemporary music.

The music in particular which was made in 70s and 80s era is the one that is simply everlasting and evergreen. Almost every song of these two decades has magic that captures the souls. The compositions, singing and lyrics of the songs chewed up in those times are simply soul-arresting.

Why can today’s musicians, singers, lyricists and the people associated with the music industry not generate the magic that is missing in current music? Technology is much advance – music scene is much bigger, facilities are endless and everything is dished out. Then what is the reason that they cannot bring back the missing ‘melody’ in songs?

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