The bitter things of Hollywood being followed in Bollywood

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Bollywood industry is going great guns and now stands shoulders to shoulders to its counterpart Hollywood in every aspect. Hollywood celebrities and filmmakers are now inclined to doll up the co-productions with Hindi filmdom. The presence of Hollywood stars has started showing in flicks being produced in India. In short, there are only two biggest entertainment industries in the world in current scenario – Hollywood and Bollywood and both of these film fraternities’ movies are shown almost in every corner of the world. The stars of these industries are admired and respected around the globe. They enjoy international stardom since they are international sensations.

Where Bollywood has been following its counterpart since the outset and due to considering it as a mentor in each and every respect, Bollywood has now succeeded to gain the status in the world, which was being enjoyed only by Hollywood previously.

Hollywood’s impression rules over entire Bollywood industry and each of the star (from ordinary to superstar) and the filmmakers are under the magic of world’s biggest entertainment abode – Hollywood, which is colossally followed here.

Apart from what is being copied from their movies, Bollywood celebs tend to follow their corresponding persons existed in American entertainment industry from tip to toe. From their lifestyle to fashion statements to each and everything are being masqueraded at Indian filmdom.

The way the red carpet events are thrown in Hollywood, we now witness the same kind of ambience here in our Bollywood industry. How the American celebs hit the red carpet is copied in the same manner at the red carpet events of the film functions over here. Female Hollywood celebrities are more inclined to dress up in specially designed gowns and now the same we have started seeing with our female celebs. The same red carpet appearance of the Hollywood males is followed by the males of Bollywood as well.

The liberty, which has started being seen in Hindi movies for last many years, has been borrowed from our counterpart. The heavy amount of skin-show in Bollywood films is the dose we have taken from Hollywood. Today if you compare Hindi movies with American films, there is hardly any difference one may stumble upon as far as the skin-show or nudity is concerned. Bollywood films have matured into much boldness. Thanks to Hollywood, which magic has become self-apparent in Indian entertainment terra firma!

Earlier the stars here used to hide their romantic relationships from media and public now they are more open to let the world know. They showcase their behind the close doors lives now more candidly. Even flaunting the romantic link-ups is a thing of pride with Bollywood celebrities today. Furthermore the live-in relationships too are now exposed. Live-in relationship is the term widely in use in Hollywood and we have borrowed it from them. It is their culture and they don’t mind it at all but here in India, the values and the society do not approve it. But since the celebs are caught into the magic of their counterparts, they feel proud to slip into these kinds of relationships. All thanks to Hollywood!

Previously homosexuality, though it might have been there in the entertainment industry, was considered to be a taboo and people and the celebrities were reluctant to talk about it. But now the things have changed altogether – it is openly discussed in the entertainment industry of India. Even there are certain celebrities who raise their voice in favor of it like it is done openly in the U.S.A. Hats off to Hollywood to make Bollywood much bolder!

Hollywood is the supreme and giant entertainment industry of the world. Following it is undoubtedly good and beneficial but why to follow what should not be taken into the society and which is against the norms of society. Celebrities have to be aware of the fact that they are icons who the public follows.

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