When Saira Banu caught Dilip Kumar red handedly with a Pakistani woman

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Dilip Kumar, a name the whole Bollywood industry and the masses of India are proud of, is the film star who has millions of fans around the globe. The legendary actor is respected hugely inside the entertainment industry and the outer world of the showbiz. Kumar is the one whose clone can never ever take birth, though many a stars try to copy his style but injecting life into the character is what Dilip knows better and has dexterity of the art.

Putting aside his legendary status, Dilip too has been caught up by the controversies as every star gets wrapped up with. During early eighties, Kumar faced the scandals but one scandal captured the neck of the actor. The whole film industry shook by surprise when they came to know Dilip’s love affair with a Pakistani woman, Asma. By the time the legendary star got caught red-handedly, it was such a big nightmare for the luminous actor and his better half, Saira Banu (the famed Bollywood actress). The actor landed into the biggest troubles of his life and career. The married life with Banu shook all of a sudden. The newspapers and tabloids were adorned with the main headlines focusing on Dilip’s liaison with the Pakistani beauty. The legend turned miserable with the sudden change of the fate.

Kumar started hiding his face from the public and he began to get himself locked inside the house. Rarely did he step outside the abode. He preferred making his stay more at home to any other activity outside.

Things got really worse with Saira, who loved her man endlessly. The woman’s heart and her home were broken with the emergence of husband’s love saga, which had been going on quite silently since long. She did not hear any whisper of the affair since the man was quite intelligent to hide the things.

There were gossips going on inside the film fraternity and every tea and coffee table was filled with the tittle-tattles of Dilip Kumar’s liaison with the Pakistani woman. Everyone was shocked with the sudden discovery of their most favorite star’s love affair.

Dilip had been denying his affair with the other woman and he even took Quran on his head by swearing that he had nothing to do with Asma. The entire media was investigating the matter like mad, the paparazzi did not settle with the oath of the star and went on to getting the nikahnama of Dilip Kumar. A month after his swearing, the media released the nikahnama with Asma in press. Later, the whole cycle of denials and defences happened by the star and his wife. Both then began giving explanations in interviews. Saira Banu put blame on the media and Dilip Kumar blamed the fans for not understanding him at all. The rumors even started circulating in the media that Saira Banu hid a reporter under the bed to make the recording of Dilip’s confession. By every passing moment, more violent and gruesome details oozed out and the marriage of the legendary couple became a laughing stockpile.

Everyone inside the Hindi filmdom and the masses were thinking why a matured man could not figure out the things and ultimately made his life a big mess? Things would have been easily manageable, had Dilip Kumar admitted that he had the affair and loved the other woman. Kumar (who is a Muslim and his actual name is Yousaf Khan) could easily go for a second wife since his religion permitted him to do so but he let down his giant amount of fans by breaking their hearts and more importantly he shattered the two women, whom he loved and who loved him dearly.

Some years later, the renowned actor of South film industry and Hindi filmdom, Kamal Hassan too faced the similar situation but the man had courage to admit his affair in public. This was what happened that Hassan became the father of a kid for the first time. His fans learnt the news and gathered outside the Willingdon Hospital in Chennai to congratulate the star. They just wanted to see a cursory sight of the newly born baby since they liked to shower their blessings to the kid. The crowd had nothing to do with the fact that the child was illegitimate and Kamal did not tie the knot with Sarika (the popular actress of the Hindi film industry). The baby was born out of wedlock but since the actor showed courage to announce the fact, the fans ignored the bitter truth and accepted the reality.

If Dilip Kumar had gathered this courage to announce his love story with Asma, his relationship too would have been easily accepted by his millions of fans.

Stars are always laced with numerous scandals. Paparazzi never leave them alone, they follow them up wherever they go. Peeping into stars’ lives is the main work of the media to grab the scrumptious chunks from their private lives to adorn them on their newspapers and tabloids. Yellow journalism too is witnessed a lot but often the scandals of the stars are true. Since the ritzy world of entertainment is laced with the sparkles, the stars flow with the waves.

Whether the affair of Dilip Kumar was true or media created, the fact of the matter is that the star is still attached to his wife Saira Banu and both have been going on quite romantically in life. Scandals are the part of this game of showbiz world, what matters the most of the legendary star’s brilliant acting skills, which simply mesmerize the audiences from tip to toe. Kumar so far has been awarded with endless amount of prestigious awards. Even he has fetched many from across the borders. He is an institution from where the beginners and the established stars both get trained. Dilip’s services to Bollywood are supreme and are what would be cherished and saluted forever. Hats off to the brilliant actor of Bollywood who endowed the moviegoers with his tour de force acting and magical style of dialogue delivery.


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