‘Game’ looks promising

The Bollywood actors Abhishek Bachchan and Kangna Ranaut are going to perform together in the production ‘Game’. Everybody is very confident as to the success of this production, as the trailer for this new film seems to be quite a killer. The director of the movie ‘Game’ is none other than Abhinay Deo, and he is very proud of his accomplishment.

The movie trailer seems to be quite darned slick, as frenetically blinking lights point to the city of Istanbul , where actor Abhishek Bachchan is shown to us as a very important drug lord, who is saying a Latin word from a Latin phrase. Even more light are shown to us, when all of a sudden we find ourselves seeing the city of Bangkok where a Boman Irani plays a very influent politician.

The next stop is in the exciting city of London, where we can see Shahana Goswami as a very noisy journalist. After that we are in Mumbai, where Jimmy Shergill plays a film star who happens to get shot right on the set.

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