A young boy gets his dream

Riley Griffiths who is one of the main casts of the movie Super 8 is attending his eight grade at Beaver Lake Middle School in Issaquah last fall.  Hollywood came knocking at his doorstep one day and rubs him out of his school.


Now, the 14 year old Griffiths and his family has move in Utah, however he still has some unfinished business.  A few months ago, the young boy sent an audition tape for the movie Super 8.  The film is set in 1979; it is about a group of preteens who discover something terrifying while making their own movie.  Griffiths was requested to go the set many times so that he could meet the other young actors who are also in the film.


Griffiths revealed that he immediately become friend with the other young actors and one girl.  When he kept on seeing the others he immediately knows that they got the part.  Before the movie began, they are already friends so making the movie was a snap.


When Abrams called Griffiths, telling him that he got the role, they got two weeks of rehearsals before the actual shooting of the film.  Almost half of the movie was done in a small town in of Weirton, W.Va., while the remnants are shot in Los Angeles on a nearby soundstage.


Griffiths was given the role of Charles, who is a would-be director, the guy is creative thinker behind the movie.  Abrams then thought him the basics of operating the Super 8 camera to help with the film.  The movie comes snap for the young actor since he always sees the director walking around the set and giving instructions on everyone.


The young lad’s much loved scene is the part were a train is seen crashing by a group of teenagers.  From that part on, it is easily to understand that something is definitely wrong in Lillian, Ohio.


The film was already finished before Christmas, with Griffiths coming back to his normal life that is 30 pounds heavier than he used to be.  In fall he will again resume schooling and act like a normal child of his age.


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