Aamir hates to take baths

New Delhi: Thank heavens we have Kiran Rao and her little confessions! This time, the director speaks of what it is that she dislike about her husband.

It seems that the actor Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao’s hubby, has some strange habits when it comes to personal cleaning. Kiran stated that Aamir does not really take baths regularly. Kiran made this confession in an interview, without her husband knowing about it.

When he heard what his wife had said, the actor was offended. He tried to make excuses for himself, insisting that he takes a bath each time he goes away on work, and considering he goes to work very often, he takes his baths often, ‘most of the time’, as he says. He only hesitates to bathe when he is on holidays or when he sits at home.

Maybe the actor simply doesn’t like water and wants to stay far from it, or maybe he is too lazy, certain is that Kiran is not at all happy about it. Seriously, Aamir, take a bath!

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