Aamir Khan planning to launch Tiger Shroff in an explosive fashion

Tiger Shroff, the son of veteran actor Jackie Shroff, may be the biggest thing that happens in our tinsel town in 2013. News is rife that the Midas man Aamir Khan has taken Tiger under his wings and is planning to launch his career in a big, bombastic, explosive manner.

Tiger aka Jai is tall, fair, hunky and chiseled. Just looking at him makes the gals feel delicious! But we all know that Bollywood is not just about looks & muscles. One needs to have a terrific screen presence and impeccable talent to make it big in the cut-throat competition. And who better than Aamir to give a tip or two to the youngster on how to make his presence felt in a big way?

Reportedly, Aamir may launch Tiger in 2013 in a film from his own production house (Aamir Khan Production). And Mr. Perfectionist wants the newcomer to learn a rare martial art for his debut flick. Though, Tiger is athletic, physically strong and trained, Aamir feels that, to make a niche in the industry, he needs to wade into unconventional territories and come up with a fresh talent.

Papa Jackie is all too thrilled that his son has got a call from the country’s most reputed production house. He delightfully exclaims, “That Aamir has so much faith in my boy is in itself a great endorsement for him.”

According to the buzz, acclaimed film maker Subhash Ghai was keen on launching Tiger in the remake of ‘Hero’ (‘Hero’ being the super duper hit of his daddy Jackie). However, Tiger wants to stay clear off all comparisons with his dad and wishes to carve out his own, self-styled career.

Aamir has also professed his desire to do the marketing for Tiger if his debut flick happens to be for some other production house. With Bollywood’s biggest actor being so generous on him, the year 2013 may very well be the year of the Tiger.

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