Ajay and Kajol have different views

Even though the two Bollywood well liked actors are married for a few years now, the couple still can see eye to eye regarding movie scripts. Both Ajay and Kajol Devgan have been asked over the years way do not star in movies together more often. They always answer that they can find a way to agree upon the scripts of the movies.

In a recent interview the actress Kajol was asked to talk about this. She said that it usually is a very difficult task to get the two to give the accord on the same picture. They usually like different production, and very rarely like to star in the same one. However the hot Bollywood pair managed to agree on a script, and now we can all see them in their upcoming movie called Toonpur Ka Superrhero.

Apart from the movie ‘Toonpur Ka Superrhero’, Ajay and Kajol have been seen to act together in a few Bollywood productions like Gundaraj, Hulchul, Raju Chacha, Ishq, Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha, Dil Kya Kare and U Me Aur Hum.

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