Akshay Kumar about his upcoming movie

In a recent interview the well liked Bollywood actor speaks about the movie ‘Tess Maar Khan’ and his role in it. In the movie he plays the part of a con man who steel because he loves to, not as a way to survive. His character is very uneducated who tries to deceive an entire village. He is trying to convince everyone to make an Oscar winning film so that it would be easier for him to rub a train.

But as an irony of faith ,the train does not arrive and he is stuck into making the film. When asked about his collaboration with the talented Bollywood director, Farah Khan, the actor said that was indeed an honor to work with her. He is very enthusiastic about the outcome of the film, which has everything that one could possible want. It has dance, romance, comedy and scenes to die for.

Referring to his co star Katrina Kaif, Akshay said that is more than happy to work with her, as she is like a spot of color.

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