Akshay Kumar sorry about Kolkata incident

As everybody know the famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar alongside diva Katrina Kapoor were found in Kolkata to promote their latest movie ‘Tees Maar Khan’. The two well liked actors did not get to do their act as they had to leave. The reason for this unexpected incident was some security hazards. For this reason the organizers had to cancel the entire event.

Thus the two Bollywood super stars Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar did not get to perform and had to leave. However the actor posted on his Twitter page a comment regarding this unfortunate incident, comment directed mostly to the fans that did not get the chance of seeing the two perform.

In his on line message he stated that he understands entirely the situation and he is very sorry. He explained that the reason of cancelation were the security issued that simply could not be taken care of. They could not risk the security of anyone present at the event. Akshay also said that he hopes to be back in town soon for a performance.

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