Alia Bhatt Wants To Marry Ranbir Kapoor!


Alia Bhatt, who will be seen for the second time in the ongoing season of ‘Koffee With Karan Johar’, was recently heard of being vocal about her love for actor Ranbir Kapoor. And in the words of the pretty actress, she wants to marry the ‘Besharam’ actor! Yes, m-a-r-r-y!

The promo of the last episode of this season is out and it will see Alia-Parneeti flaunting new-found friendship on the red couch.

While both the actress appeared quite comfortable the couch, despite being direct competitors, Alia was heard of being more outspoken of her thoughts than the ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ actress.


Reminiscing her first meeting with Ranbir, Alia revealed that she had first met him through Karan after ‘Rockstar’ had released. And speaking of her conversation, she revealed that she was too nervous and was speaking non-stop and sheer rubbish things.

Though she later clarified that her words weren’t derogatory but actually praises for the actor, she said was dumbstruck to meet him in person.

In course of sharing the experience, the actress spilled, ‘But later I have hung out with Ranbir and I still think that she is adorable and I still want to marry him’.

Though this ‘still want to marry him’ raises a few questions about it being a statement said in a fan’s desire or in person, we think that the two youngsters would make a cute couple, no?

However, what will Ranbir’s alleged girlfriend and actress, Katrina Kaif have to say about it is still to be seen!


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